Morning run, Goodnow Enterprises, hot wings

by agoodnow

I woke up. Answered my phone.  Put on some clothes without thinking.  Ate half an orange.   Went running.  My first early morning run in a year.  The last time I went running so early was when I went to Hawaii and that was because I was up so early because of the time change.   Come to think of it, the weather this morning was almost as nice as a Hawaii morning, just a little more crisp. 

I’m trying to get my body used to running early so that on race day I’m not in complete shock at the early morning stress I’ll be putting my body through.  

It sucked at first, but as I got going my body wasn’t so miserable.  Not eating much, not stretching, and starting my run 10 minutes after getting out of bed did not make for the best run I’ve ever had (ran 9:30 miles), but I wasn’t out there to break any land speed records.    Overall, I ran for 37 minutes and felt great when I got home.  It was a good way to start the day. 

My mind wanders when I run.  Today I  thought about:

Business plans- Marketing strategies for a family member’s business.

Jobs where I have been successful- Washing dishes (hard work), office manager (making a $200m office run and keeping 15 people happy), client relations (making sure $450m stays invested with me and keeping 65 clients with very different needs happy).  How can I turn those traits into Goodnow Enterprises?  I think I’ll need to go for a longer run to figure out that part.

Where do I want to live – I live in NYC.  Now what?   Where do I got after this?  When should I leave?

How I would like to get a dog- You see so many cool dogs in the park.


I got home from my run and I was brushing my teeth…..the next thing I know I think to myself   “Why the fuck is there toothpaste on a butter knife?”   I must have been out of it because I went to my kitchen sink to finish brushing my teeth instead of back into the bathroom after wandering into the living room to catch the weather report.   I’m not a morning person.


Scheduled a work trip to Chicago for April.   Looking forward to getting out of the office for a while.   Getting out and seeing clients is far and away the best part of my job.


Easiest commute in the world this morning.  The subway was empty.  Must be the weather.


Read an article saying that as long as you have less than 6 cups of coffee a day there is no increased health risk.  My 2-3 a day are in the “healthy” zone.   I’m the picture of good health.


Speaking of good health, I saw a good friend of mine and his wife for dinner last night.  They were in town for the Big East tournament so we grabbed dinner.

(Sidenote:  Another reason I love living in NYC.  People are always here to do something.  I get to see so many friends because they are in the city for the day. )

We ordered wings.   They were delicious.   Some of the best wings I’ve had.  And I ate them quickly.  And I began to sweat.  Not a little either.  Sweat dripping down my face, into my eyes, my hair began to get wet.    But I still kept eating.  They were that good.  I was using napkins for towels toward the end.  People at the table started getting concerned/ looking uncomfortable at the scene in front of them.  “No, dude, you are really sweating”  It only  took about 20 minutes after eating for my body to cool down (that shirt is going to the cleaners…..)   

It was so nice out last night that I walked home in hopes of burning off some of the 2300 calories I ate in wings, blue cheese, and my burger.

Overall, a lovely evening spent with friends.