Sober in Buffalo

by agoodnow

After spending the last 8 hours on a train, I’m in Buffalo.  A wonderous, lovely place.  Full of hockey fans and despondent Bills fans.  A place of Buffalo wings and beer.

Amtrak was great.  Clean and on time. That’s all I could ask for.

I had 2 people sit next to me.  One girl who was sneezing.  One fat guy.

I ate an entire bag of trail mix.

Finished a short story I have been working on.  In the next couple of days I’ll post it here.  I will be the first to warn that it is slightly depressing.

Not going to be posting a blog for the next few days.  I’ll have plenty to write on Monday.

How could I not, I’ll be in Buffalo……sober.

Enjoy the weekend.