Hunting leprechauns and paying for (23-27 year old) Andrew

by agoodnow

Back in the swing of things!!!!!

Tons of energy right now.   I’m attempting to find ways of dealing with it so that I am ready to dominate on Sunday morning.  If someone gave me the chance to run this race now, I would…in my khakis and button down shirt.  RIGHT NOW.   So here are ways I plan on channeling this energy so that I stay focused until Sunday’s big race:

1. Going to the gym.  Yesterday was supposed to be a day off, but after having spent 8 hours sitting on a train Sunday I wanted to get some form of excercise.  I fast pace walked for a half hour while adding in some sprints every 5 minutes just to get the heart rate up.  Nothing taxing.  Did a lot of stretching and hit the sauna. 

2. Eating.  A lot. All healthy food, but lots of it.

3. Convincing myself NOT to drink on St. Patty’s day.  (that will take up the bulk of my energy)


I saw a guy wearing camouflage for his Irish Green at the Buffalo St. Patrick’s Day Parade.   I suppose if that is the only green you’ve got…..  and you are a redneck.

My clothes are falling off of me.  People are now starting to comment on how my clothes no longer fit me. 

Got my bonus, or rather, two large banking institutions received  lump sum payments toward the unsecured debt I have accumulated.   Barclays and USAA, you are both very welcome.   Also, 23-27 year old Andrew who decided to run up copious amounts of debt on drinking, driving a luxury German sports sedan,  and going on vacations you could not afford….you are also very welcome.  Signed – 28 year old Andrew.

I managed to finish two short stories (one being about a talking dog who is incredibly vulgar), half a book, and two New Yorker magazines in the 16 hours spent on trains this weekend.   I also came up with several blog topics. 

Spring weather is here!!!  Let’s forget about the past weekend and look forward to the low 60’s all this week.

Thank you US government for sending me a letter in the mail telling me that my census questionnaire is coming in the mail.  Great use of government dollars….. spending my hard earned money on something else completely useless. 

Last night I had a dream that I was given a first aid kit…………not sure I like that with only 5 days before my race.

I woke up at 5:45 this morning.  It was still dark out. I went back to bed.

Woke up at 6:30.  Still dark out.  Went back to bed.

Maybe it was the Advil PM, but I thought of every excuse possible to stay in bed this morning, for example:

1. I’m not wearing a shirt.  I can’t get out of bed.

2. Alarm clock is too loud.  Must shut it off.

3. It’s cold in here.

4. I’m sure God wants me to be happy and to stay in bed….

5. Fuck it, I’ll just run tonight.

6. I’m adding years to my life by getting 8 hours of sleep.

I was in the grocery store last night when a woman was blocking an entire aisle with her cart.  I went to walk around her and her response:  “I’m always getting out of the way for men!!!  It should be the other way around!!!”   I just walked away because she obviously wasn’t all there, but I wanted to tell her to take her deep-rooted emotional problems elsewhere…….I just wanted to get my english muffins and go home.

My co-worker has been on the phone with his buddy for about a half hour talking about a video game.   Secrets, blogs about the game, websites about the game, different explosives and body armour upgrades, and how he stays up until 2 am playing the game.   All of it is VERY FASCINATING and telling as to his personal life.

I’m going to eat lunch outside.  It is a beautiful day.