It's All Goodnow……

Additions to bucket list

Bucket List additions:

Hit a golf ball 350 yards.

Write a book.

Nude beach…..just because.

Dunk a basketball. (thanks Marco)

Visit 5 continents.  (gotta get going on that one)

Do a stand up comedy act  ( I have always wanted to do that)


St. Patrick’s Day observations…

Things/people I saw today:

1. The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. 

2. Violent 17 year olds

3. More homeless people begging than usual.  (the number tends to increase as more tourists come into the city)

4. Lots of green ties (yeah, sadly I was one of them)

5. A shirt that read “I Shamrock Blunts”

6. A girl sitting Indian Style on the sidewalk outside of Grand Central vomitting….while her friends stood around her talking on their cell phones.  Not one of them helping her.  Sure glad those aren’t my friends. 

7. An empty gym

8. People drinking with open containers in my neighborhood….a bit unexpected, but a welcome sight.

9. More security in Grand Central than any other day of the year.   Sucks that they don’t let you pet the k-9 unit dogs.  They look so happy.

10. My chiropractor. 

Had my 2009 year end review today.  Yeah, that was great.  My boss told me that he would love to see me stay in the same position for the next 5 years……..What would you do if your boss told you that?  Of course, he then told me I am getting a raise.

I was at the gym and I went to stretch after doing some cardio.  My neighbor was right next to me.  We have lived next to each other for 2 years and we had our first conversation.   I think there is something mildly wrong with that.   No sense of community…..

Speaking of community!!!!!!   The local community center called me to discuss volunteer opportunities!!!!  Sweet.   Looks like I’ll be making a difference in lives sooner than later.   Not sure if it will be a good difference or a bad difference, but we’ll see.