Stolen Debit Card and NCAA tournament

I went to the bank yesterday to deposit a check.  I get my balance back and think to myself, “Hmmm….this looks about $400 short”   I know this because I have done a good deal of financial planning recently and have a pretty good grasp of where all of my money is located.  (oh, and I haven’t gone on any drunk spending sprees where all of my money goes missing only to piece the evening together via credit card receipts…”oh, shit…now I remember, I was all fucked up and bought $27 worth of gourmet pizza and a whoopie pie”)

So I got back to my office and went on my bank website.  Sure enough I was in Missouri at 7:30 on the morning of the 18th, at a Home Depot.  (Please note:  I was still in bed in Manhattan at that time)  Apparently I also want to fight pesticides being sprayed on our crops because I donated $9.83 to a organization called CropLife International.  I can’t make this shit up……Who the fuck donates $9.83 to an organization against pesticides on a debit card that they stole?  Fucking Croplife Robin Hood?  Get a fucking job you hippie scumbag.

I cancelled the card, went to the bank to sign some paperwork and went on my merry way.  Luckily the total amount missing is only $500 (that I know of)   Now I’m trying to figure out how the information was stolen.  The bank told me that they usually do not disclose the results of their investigation.  That sucks.  I want to know who stole my money and I want them to go to jail…………….or at least do some community service.

Again, $500 isn’t going to cripple me and most likely I’ll get it all back in the next couple of weeks.   It is more the principal of the matter.


Last training run was yesterday night.  A quick 3.2 miles.  I’m ready.  Oh, and it was 60 degrees.  Perfect running weather.


The NCAA tournament = bliss

Georgetown basketball team = should have all of their “athletic” scholarships revoked.  They should all be embarrassed.  The lack of effort was sickening. 

Cornell = Thank God they won

My work for disallowing live videostreams = arg


I was uber productive at work today….I think it is because I wore a tie.