Not drinking unless I break 2 hours….

by agoodnow

What started out as a “I’m staying sober” blog has turned into more of a chronicle of what my life has been like without alcohol, while training for a marathon, and while attempting to figure out what I want to do with my life.  At the very least I have been successful in two of them.   The third…I’m working on it.

So here I am the night before the big race.  I’m ready to leave it all on the table.  I just want to do it.  The coffee is set to go, my clothes are laid out, my tracking chip is on my shoe, my bib is pinned to my shirt, my bag is packed, my alarm is set.

I have absolutely nothing else to say about running this half marathon.

All I did was eat today.  Pretty sure I’ll have plenty of energy come morning. 

I bought new socks.  Had to go to 3 stores to get the pair I wanted.

NCAA bracket = torched.   That being said, this has been fun to watch.

I’m tired.  I’m going to bed.  Most likely will not write until Monday.  But who knows, maybe I’ll come up with a drunken rant tomorrow night.

I’m only drinking tomorrow if I break 2 hours (chip time – the time is takes for me to cross the start line to the finish line.  I’m so far back in my starting position that it will take about 5 minutes for me to start the race)……honestly, if I do not break 2 hours, I’m not drinking.   How is that for motivation?