The day after……..

I took yesterday off from work.  I had zero interest in putting on a dress shoes, sitting at my desk, and sitting around in pain all day… what did I do instead:

1. I woke up at normal weekday time.  Had my normal routine.  Then I relaxed on the couch for a while..until

2. I decided to buy a new printer.  Why not?  So I took the bus up to Best Buy and bought a printer/scanner/copier for the bargain price of $70.

3. Walked home with printer about a mile and a half.  In the rain.  Thought it would be a good idea to get the legs moving. 

4. Got home and downloaded a new version of Microsoft Office. 

5. Went grocery shopping

6. Got home and ate pint of Ben and Jerry’s

7. Went to interview for volunteering at community center.  (I showed up in running pants and a hoodie.  I apologized for my appearance and then I realized that I was dressed about as well as anyone else there)  After speaking with the volunteer coordinator for about 20 minutes we decided that I would work with adults in a computer lab teaching them basic MS Word, internet functions, and how to email.  All standard programs I use on a daily basis.  I figure with unemployment at 10% maybe I can help someone qualify for  a job that they previously did not have the skills for. 

8. Went home and ate a steak

9. Watched “How I Met Your Mother” – mediocre this week

10. Watched “Two and a Half Men” – I almost cried it was so funny.

11. Advil PM – goodnight.

A full and rewarding day of not doing all that much, but getting enough done where I did not feel useless.

Today – I’m still limping a little, but it isn’t that bad.   Actually, it isn’t bad at all.