Not a limp…it is swagger

by agoodnow

Walking without a limp today.  Although, I sort of liked the post race limp.  Here is a brief dialogue between myself and a co-worker yesterday:

“Andrew, looks like you are limping a little bit.”

“I’m not limping, this is my post race swagger”

And swagger I did.  All day. 

I was sitting on my couch last night watching the Office on TBS and working on the beautification of  my resume.  (Now that I have my new MS Office program and I can play with cool new templates)    Suddenly I had the urge to go down to the store and get a 6-pack.  Afterall, I was in some pain, I was somewhat bored, and I felt like after all of my hard work over the last 11 weeks I deserved a night to sit on my couch and have a few beers. 

That’s when I realized….that is how it starts for me EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Without fail, I have a few beers on the couch.  The following night it is a few beers at Happy Hour.  Then it is the weekend I go out and get drunk.  The next thing I know I’m back at the Stumble Inn at 1:20 am on a Tuesday, blurry eyed, looking down at a $66 bar tab on dollar beer night.  Then I’m walking to work the next day in pain.  I get next to zero work done and I’m in a shitty mood.  BUT, you know what will make that mood better?  A Texan burrito and 4 Corona’s at lunch.  So now it is Happy Hour, again, I scrounge together some friends I drink until 10 pm, maybe go to another bar afterwards….get home by 11.   Maybe I go to the deli downstairs that has half priced sushi after 10pm.  Maybe I don’t.    I fall asleep and do it all over again.


So…..back to me sitting on my couch thinking about drinking a 6-pack.  I got up, went downstairs, bought 2 Mega Millions tickets with numbers from the half marathon(1-4-14-17-47), bought a Starbucks Mocha ice cream bar and went back to my apartment (sans 6-pack).  When I got back home I decided that  I need a new goal.  As long as I am working toward something I tend not to fall back into destructive behaviors.  

What should my new goal be?  

I’m going to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon.  I’d like to run a full marathon.  But running will only get me so far.  It is boring to me.  I need to come up with something else.

So that got me to thinking….maybe I should plan some sort of exotic adventure?   Maybe try my hand at a triathalon?  Maybe begin my MMA career? (alright, that most likely will not be happening)         Whatever it is, I want it to keep me engaged and motivated.  

Suggestions are welcome.