Crazy person subway rant, BLDs

by agoodnow

On my way to work this morning and I got on the “Crazy Train”   I stood next to a man who was talking to himself for the entire 8 minutes I stood next to him.  I was somewhat impressed by the fact that he could have a conscience stream of conversation with himself moving from topic to topic without interruption.   A glimpse at what I saw/heard:

50 year old man – sweatpants, sneakers, baseball cap, zip down jacket. 

“That’s one pretty Asian girl” (his words, not mine)  He felt that she should have been sitting down because she was pretty and there was an open seat.     What a gentlemen…..

He didn’t need to sit down.  

He was on his way home.  Needed to get to the Q train.

He was going to sleep for  3 days.  The only reason he was going to get up in those 3 days – to shower and shave. (I wanted to ask him why he would shave if he is just going back to bed, but I did not want to interrupt genius in the creative process.  I would also like to point out that he most likely had not shaved for quite some time)

He needed a phone.  So his boss bought him one.  It only cost $15.

He had no need for a “pink phone… of those strawberries or pinkberries……….blackberry things.”

He works 200 feet in the air.  Apparently washing windows.  (Not sure how I would feel if I’m working and I saw that guy washing my windows.  Scary? Entertaining?  Both?)

He got sent home from work today because it might snow later………..

42nd street is the garbage of New York.  “Stupid, queer Times Square.  I would never get off at this stop” (We were pulling into Grand Central)

Oh it was a delightful way to start the day.  I feel bad for people like that.  Harmless.  Out of it.  Most likely in need of someone to talk to.  But I wonder how you would communicate with someone who is just ranting….I read my morning paper and listened to him.   Maybe that’s how.


Last night:

I went to a bar and managed to ONLY have 2 beers in 2 hours.  A monumental achievement in “Andrew’s attempt to not be a degenerate alcoholic” lifestyle.    I also avoided eating bar food.  It was encouraging.  I can watch some basketball, walk home (not spend $11 on a cab), clean up my apartment, make some dinner, wash the dishes, and hang up my clothes, get my coffee ready for the next morning.  All things that I would not have done if I had 8 beers, took a cab home, bought dinner, threw my clothes in a pile on the floor, left my apartment a mess, and let the dishes sit in the sink for another day or two.  I am clearly working on making better life decisions.  BLDs.   That’s what I’m calling them.


I ran at the gym last night (this was pre-bar)   First time since the half marathon.  Only 1.25 miles, but I was glad nothing hurt.  


This morning the weather reminded me that it is still March…..


Opening Day (night) is April 4th…..


Go Northern Iowa!!!!!!!