Weekend in CT

by agoodnow

What I thought would be a crazy, exhausting, and expensive trip to Toys R’ Us with my 3 year old sister ended up being a rather pleasant experience.  She was well-behaved, didn’t wander off (too many times), and seemed to enjoy herself.

A few notes from our time at the toy store:

1. People are maniacs at toy stores.  Parents rip through that place with their carts.  My sister almost got run over several times.   Good thing I have super-human big brother strength to keep her safe…..

2. My sister knew exactly where she wanted to go.  Thomas the train set.  She made a B line for it.   After playing with the trains for 15 minutes I suggested she look around for some other toys.    All the while I knew that I would end up buying a train track.

3. She kept picking out toys she already had. 

4. There was no way I was getting her a play set with small pieces that she could choke on….ie. Princess Castles  (I can see it now….my mother calling me from the ER “nice gift you got for your sister Andrew.  How about next time you just get her a bag-O-glass?”

5. We went to every department of the store. Clothes, car seats, stickers, videos, hot wheels (she sat in every one of them.  She especially liked the Pink Hot Wheels Escalade)

6. She only got fussy once.  It was for no reason at all.  I told her that we were going back to play with the trains and she quickly stopped her whining.

7. In the video section she picked out 8 DVDs that she wanted.  I think she wanted to see how many she could manage to carry at one time.   We ended up with 2 of them. 

8. She picked out a train track set and a new Thomas the Train.  (I’m buying stock in the company that makes Thomas the Train products)

9. I think she liked the stickers I got her more than anything else.

10.  I am letting her pick out what she wants every time I need to get her a gift.  What do I know about buying a small child gifts????   At least this way I know she will be happy with what she picks out.  (for a day or so anywyas…)

11. I was secretly hoping that she would want a basketball hoop.  I kept asking her if she wanted it and she continued to run past it.  Maybe next Christmas we’ll get that.

It was a nice weekend in Connecticut.  My Mom made her white lasagna.  I got to see a bunch of my friends.  Sat outside in 30 degree weather while we could have been sitting inside a nice warm house. 

Enjoyed one glass of good scotch. 

Slept in a bed that had Dora the Explorer sheets on it.  (I woke up feeling extra manly)

Went to Wal Mart.    A wonderously inexpensive palace of retail.

Got back to the city and hit the gym hard on Sunday night.   I have a 10k this coming weekend.  Gotta get ready.

Overall, a great weekend.