A Scottish 10k

by agoodnow


Ran a 10k this morning.  The Scotland Homecoming 10k.  A big Scottish celebration.  I ran it last year as well.  I like the race .  It happens at a great time of year.   Although, last year it was 40 degrees and raining.  When the race was done it was perhaps the coldest I have ever been.  (note: I have never done a Polar Beat plunge)   Weather today was perfect.  I even wore the sleeveless Under Armour shirt.  Ladies, I’ll be posting pictures soon.

Had zero anxiety, zero nerves………it felt like  a none event.   But I knew if my time was not sub 8 minute miles I would be pissed.  So I got there, checked a bag, used the port-o-potty, and then went to get in line to start.  As I was standing near the line to wait for the start of the race I decided to hang out because it takes so long to get to the actual start line and I knew that with the gallon of water I drank last night/this morning I would most likely want to pee again.  Yep.  Glad we did that.    It meant starting with the slow people, but I’d rather dodge overweight housewives than have to pee for 45 minutes.

The race was fun.  The running was easy.  Very crowded course, but it kept things interesting.  Kept my mind off the running and more on competing with the people around me.   I did not bring my watch with me so I worried less about time.  I could track my time pretty well via the milage clocks. 

Things that were funny about running a 10k on the nicest day of the year so far:

1. People who were not running the race……..who were………….running the race.

2. People who were walking into traffic on the race course.  They looked to be German tourists. 

3. The guy walking his dog in the middle of the race.

4. The guy who was wheeling his wheelchair backwards through the course.  I clapped for him.  Anyone who has a disability like the one that guy had and still has the will/determination to get out and do a 10k has my respect.

5. The people who are all decked out in their $600 running gear (shoes, shorts, shirt, stockings, arm bands, super cool hat) who have to walk the course because they are too tired.   Idea for you…less time  shopping at Super Runner’s World and more time on the treadmill. 

6. People who you can tell are in enormous amounts of pain who keep going.  One foot in front of the other.  Good for them.  Frankly, I think they should make more grunting noises.  I know I do when I start to feel pain. 

7. There was a woman who resembled a moose on the course.  I felt bad but it was the very first thing crossed my mind.   I wouldn’t have written anything about it, but she got in my way and when I went to pass her she moved in front of me again.    She was a nasty moose….

8.  I took a Zyrtec last night so that I wouldn’t have an allergy attack in the Park.  It made my mouth dry.  Thus making breathing more difficult than it needed to be.  I had to keep clearing my throat like a crazy animal so I could breath.  It sucked.

9. I sprinted the last quarter mile.   It was more about avoiding people than running at that point.

10. Finished in 7:51 minute miles.  48:43.   Not great, but not bad. 

11. Post race apple and some form of oat bar.  It was free.  I like free things.

12. Post race music:  Scottish bag pipes with a DJ dropping the bass.  It was a bit much.  I went home.


I won $10 on a Mega Millions ticket last night.  Let’s add 7 zeros to the number and win some Powerball tonight. 

Go Butler.

I am drinking a few beers tonight.  I deserve them.  Although I did have a few beers on Thursday night I’m doing very well with my quest for moderation.  

I want to go to Scotland….I wonder what got that thought into my head.

I signed up for the Fairfield, CT half marathon today.  Not running Brooklyn.  Too much going on in May.

 Golf, I need to play. 

Opening Day is tomorrow………….night. 

Easter.  I like Cadbury eggs if anyone wants to bring me some.