My new career: Day Trading.

by agoodnow

I was in Chicago for the last couple of days for work.  Love the town.   People are friendly, the streets are clean, and the atmosphere is far more laid back than New York (which is good and bad). 

Had two meetings while I was there.  Both went incredibly well.  I won’t talk about specifics because the content of the meetings is incredibly boring, but I ended up selling a new option for a client’s retirement plan.   It will most likely make my boss hit the “approve” button with  a little less hesitation when I submit my expense report.

Creepy moment of the trip:

Peeing in a bathroom at O’Hare.  There are no dividers between the urinals.  Suddenly I feel like someone is staring at me….Yep, it was a 7 year old girl (I’m guessing here) who was in the bathroom with her Dad.  She was just staring down the line of men .  I abruptly put my briefcase in front of me (a maneuver that I was quite impressed with seeing how my penis was in one hand) so that I could have a little privacy. 

I felt like Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC was going to come out of one of the stalls and pepper me with questions….

“Hey there, what exactly are you doing in here?”  

“Do you know how old that young lady is?”

“Is this appropriate behaviour for an airport bathroom?”

That was my interesting travel note.


I gt to work today a little early so that I can place a few trades to my personal brokerage account.  There are a few stocks that I have been looking to buy for the last couple of weeks and I was finally ready to pull the trigger.  Since not drinking I had a little extra cash to start investing.

Here is a running log (I did, in fact, begin writing this down at one point) of my thoughts throughout the day.  A quick note that the stocks I bought are highly risky, a couple of them have yet to turn a profit, but are in sectors where I think they will be well positioned to make money in the long run.   My emotions throughout the day mirrored this volitility.

9:47 Purchase of 5 different stocks is confirmed.   Thoughts of triple digit returns are swimming around my head.  By 4 pm, I will have made 600% returns.  I will be able to walk into my boss’s office and declare that I am now independently wealthy and will no longer need to be coming to work as I have just purchased a small island off the south of France.  I’ll be sure to send a postcard…..

10:30 – I check on my stocks…..lots of red here, but only small losses.  I figure the market was down and that’s why.  Gee, maybe I should have waited until noon to buy???

11:37 –  This is a blood bath!!!!!   There is enough red next to my ticker to paint the Kremlin.  What the hell was I thinking?

11:38 – Should have fuckin waited until noon to buy!!!

11:39 – Check Bloomberg again…..the market looks like it is making a small comeback here.  Hope renewed.

11:59 – 10% loss. 

12:01 – This is why people hire Financial Advisors.  Stupid E-Trade commercials telling me to invest myself.   If I ever see that E-Trade baby in person words will be had….

12:02 – New York still has soup kitchens, right?

Lunch time….I went outside, ate my salad, enjoyed the fact that women are wearing less clothing and did not think about losing money once.  

2:02 – Things are leveling out…no longer losing at a rampant pace.  Down 9%….

2:10 – Don’t call it a comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Down 5.4% on the day.

(we have now set a new record for refreshing the trading page)

3:00 – I could go for a refreshing Jamba Juice.

3:34 – Back down 12%.  Every stock is now in the red.

3:36 – Maybe I should make sure these are actual companies and not some Boiler Room scam….

3:38- 3:45 – Yep, real companies… least 4 of the 5 are ligit.  One is a gold mining company, but the company directory says that it used to be a  home security firm.  Seems a little shady.   I may liquidate that position tomorrow……

3:57 –  Coming back again!!!!!!  Almost even on the day.

4:00 – Market closes…..I keep hitting the refresh button hoping that the numbers will go up.  No such luck.  Although my portfolio did make a comeback.  A very small percentage loss.  Since I got to make the trades for free I figure it is almost like breaking even on Day 1.  I expect a breakout day for all of my positions tomorrow.   I’ll be on my island in the south of France by Friday. 

Anyone with any hot stock tips let me know. 


Some thoughts:

I need new suits…


No drinking for the next week.  Drank a little much last week and while I was in Chicago.  Nothing extreme, but I would like to lose another 10 pounds before my next race and beer doesn’t exactly help with that pursuit.


I will not rent a car from Hertz or fly American Airlines if I can avoid it.

Hertz does not put GPS systems in their compact (ie fuel efficient) cars.  At least they made me upgrade to get one.   American Airlines would not move my flight up without charging me $50 even though there were seats available.  I feel that both of those business practices are not customer friendly.  I will take my business elsewhere. 


I love baseball season. 


It was 90 degrees today.   The high on Friday is going to be 46.   Yeah, no such thing as global warming……