Baseball and Lunch with Mom

by agoodnow

This mornings thoughts:

Not sure what it is about wearing shorts, but I feel like a better person when I’m wearing them.  I’ll also add Hawaiian shirts to the list of things that make me feel good.   If I’m wearing a Hawaiian shirt I am most likely one of the following:

In Hawaii.  



In Hawaii while tan and drunk.


Jimmy Fallon is getting much better.  The Late Late Show has gone from horrid to something I will proactively try to watch.


As a Red Sox fan I have a feeling that I’m in for a very interesting year. 


I am playing fantasy baseball for the first time in YEARS.  It is fun, but requires a good deal of attention.  A bunch of my friends play so I thought to myself,  “If my friends are going to be geeks, then I might as well join them” 


I’m meeting my Mom for lunch today so I wore a tie and shaved this morning.  That way I can avoid an encounter that we had back in December when I met her for lunch with two days worth of stubble. 


Andrew walks into his mother’s office on 5th Ave.   He wears a sweater to conceal his wrinkled button down shirt and a pair of khakis that had not been washed in a couple/three weeks (however, they had been ironed).  Andrew’s mother sees him walk through the door and she immediately walks to her purse.

Mom:  Here’s 20 bucks.  You look like you could use some money……..

It was like the scene in Goodfellas where Henry goes to Paulie for help at the end of the movie.  Paulie gives him a roll of hundreds and says, “Now I’ve gotta turn my back on you”  (Ok, it was nothing like that, but it made me think of the movie)

That was my highlight of 2009.


Taking a cocktail of Echinacea and Zyrtec to combat the impending allergy season.  I’m taking it before the pollen hits full force so I’m not out of commission for 2 weeks when my allergies hit me.


Just looked at my stock portfolio.   I’m glad these are unrealized losses………for now.