Dr.’s Appointment

by agoodnow

Had my annual physical today.  Overall I must say that I think it went well. 

The best words you can hear from your doctor…….”You are in perfect health” 

Nope, didn’t hear that today.  Instead he told me that I had near super human lung capacity, my blood pressure is on target, and nothing was swollen or inflamed……….anywhere………

Last time I went to the doctor they drew my blood and I passed out.   This time I was all good. My hand only turned a light shade of purple.

My doctor was talking to me about my company’s stock price while making sure there were no lumps on my testicles.   Apparently he is a shareholder.   I would prefer for there to be no conversation during that part.  

The doctor told me that Echinacea is a crock.  I disagree.  What does he know?  Not like he went to an Ivy League medical school. 

My EKG went well.  I do, in fact, have a heart.  It beats a little abnormally, but it works. 

Doctor gave me a couple of bottles of prescription strength Fish Oil.  (I didn’t know there was such a thing)

Doctor told me that for as long as I don’t have trouble peeing he won’t check my prostate.   Yeah, I’ll keep going to him for my annual check ups.


This evening I found out that two friends of mine are running the Fairfield Half Marathon.  They are both women.  I’m hoping that I don’t lose to either of the.  That being said, they have both run marathon and are both slightly crazier than I am.  You can train to run, but you can’t train to be crazy……

I now have a reason to train.   And train hard.


I start my volunteer assignment on Monday.   No idea what to expect.  I’ve never taught computer skills before so this should be interesting. 


Had Domino’s new pizza on Sunday night.  Not bad.  The crust tastes like it was dipped in Papa John’s garlic sauce. 


I am thinking about running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 31st.   If I sign up I’m doing it.