Drinking Bucket List

by agoodnow

My Drinking Bucket List     (Items 1-10)

There are certain drinking events that I would like to attend before I die. 

Yes, yes…I know I started this blog because I stopped drinking, but you must live a little.

1. Bike tour of Napa.  (maybe catch a cab home)  I love California red wine.  I love California.  I love the people there.  I think 4 days, 3 nights in Napa would be just about perfect.   A nice 4 days for your heart.  A bad 4 days for your liver.  It all evens out in the end.

2. Oktoberfest.  Oh yeah…..  You can go to as many beer gardens here in the US as you would like, but the beer in Germany is much better. (No preservatives = less of a hangover).   I went to Germany when I was 16 and as I recall the beer was mighty tasty.   I think that a trip to Oktoberfest (which is held in September) isn’t just a drinking event, but a cultural experience.    A very, very drunken cultural experience.   Where there are lots of women who look like the St. Paulie girl.

3.  I want to have a drink at my Great Grandfather Goodnow’s grave in Arlington National Cemetary.  I’m not sure why, but I guess I want to feel like I shared a drink with the man.  From the stories I have heard of him, he was an interesting guy.  A charming man who never settled down.  A guy who would have been a whole lot of fun to have a few drinks with.  Besides that, I should pay my respects.

4. Wrigley Field Bleachers.  I want to drink beer with my buddy Steve at Wrigley Field.  He is a Yankees fan.  I am a Red Sox fan.  We both have a soft spot for the Cubs.  For one day he and I could sit in the bleachers at Wrigley, get drunk and not fight about baseball.   Of course, I’ll have to check the schedule to make sure the Cubs aren’t  playing an interleague game that day.

5. Champagne, France.   I love champagne.  I love good champagne.  I would love to go to snooty, nose in the air, “no other place in the world makes champagne, but us” ……………Champagne, France.   I would not mind learning some French so that I can tell if the waiters are making fun of me for being an American.   That way  I can respond in German, “This could be your native language”  I wonder if they’d get it…..

6. I want to sit in a pub in Ireland.  Any pub would do.  Someplace on the coast.  Watch the fog roll in and enjoy a Kilkenny. (The best beer in the world.  It is not sold in the US)  Not so much because Ireland is the land of drinking, but because everyone I have talked to about visiting Ireland has told me that drinking there is different.  It still has the meeting place lure to it that bars in the US no longer have.   People still congregate in Irish pubs as a social mechanism far, far beyond the social mechanisms in the US of sports, sex, stress, and food.   Of course, I want to see this for myself.   It could be exactly the same in Ireland as it is here……….but I doubt it.

7. Drink a Guinness after running a marathon.  I can think of no better reward for putting my body through the hell of running 26.2 miles than a Guinness. 

8. Do a shot with a current member of the Red Sox.

9. Drink a beer on top of the Green Monster at Fenway Park.  I have been to Fenway Park a hundred times, but not so much in the last ten years.  The Green Monster seats didn’t even exist when I lived in Boston. (I’m getting old)

10. Have a beer with my Grandfather while playing a round of golf.  Done.  Last summer I got to play a round of golf with my mother’s father and my younger cousin.  We had a great day.  He is a life long golfer (he used to be a pro) and I’m grateful every time I get to enjoy 18 holes with him.   Sometimes your bucket list isn’t about how long you will live……