by agoodnow

So it is around midnight and I’m having a conversation with someone who reads my blog religiously.*   I made the comment that it is too bad I was not writing a blog when I was drinking constantly and doing outrageous/frivilous things.  I mean, ordering a $125 bottle of champagne at a Lower East Side dive bar at 2 am to celebrate getting a job offer (that I did not accept) is somewhat funny.   But my friend pointed out something to me that I had not thought of…..

“I wouldn’t be substantial if you did it then” 

And you know what, she’s right.  We have all gotten all fucked up at 2 am on a work night.  We have all made mistakes when we’ve been drunk.  We have all stumbled into work with a nasty hangover and had co-workers make comments about our appearance.   We have all met interesting people at bars…….some noteworthy, some not at all.  We have seen fights at bars.  We have eaten too much pizza when we are drunk.  We have found receipts from bars that we didn’t know we went to.

There is nothing unique there.   There isn’t anything of substance in that.  Fun….yes.  Substance, no. 

We could all write a blog about our drunk stories.  I think a lot of them would be the same story told a different way several times over.  But I’ll say something else…..I couldn’t be completely truthful if I wrote a blog about my drinking exploits.  There are things that have happened when I’ve been drunk that I would not want certain people who read this blog to know about. (Hi Mom)

So I’m sitting up and I’m thinking about substance in my life.  What am I doing of substance?  What am I doing to move myself forward?  What am I doing to be better?  Did I make any sort of a difference today? 

Unfortunately there are not as many answers to those questions as I’d like, but it has dawned on me.  When I was drinking constantly I never bothered to ask those questions. 


The Red Sox are terrible so far this year.  I might have a shot at being a major league relief pitcher if their bullpen keeps giving up leads…..


My fantasy baseball team is terrible.  I guess I shouldn’t have picked all those Red Sox players……


I’m going to try to put up some shelves tomorrow.  Please note: Andrew J Goodnow is the least mechanically inclined human in the world.  I can’t use a screw driver.  I can’t assemble toys for my little sister.  I can’t put together a bed (I bought an IKEA bed with my bonus one year.  Every morning I would wake up on the floor because the bed would break in the middle of the night.  Within 2 weeks I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor because it had broken so many times.  But for some reason I kept the bed frame around the mattress so I had to step over it every time I wanted to go to bed.  You get the point…)  I can’t hang pictures straight ( I have nothing on the walls of my apartment.  I have lived here for over a year and the walls are bare.  Not even a subway map) 


Got an email today that the class I was going to help teach was cancelled due to low enrollment.  Time to find another volunteer gig.  Finding a place to volunteer has turned into a full time job.  Who would have thought……


I need a new book.  Recommendations welcome.


Stayed in on a Friday night…..that’s ok.   Tomorrow night I will be celebrating a friend’s birthday at a club that used to be an Asian whorehouse.  Yes, you read that correctly.    The name of the club, (and I’m not making this up) Happy Ending………  I’ll need all the energy I can muster up for that one.


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