Why I Won’t Cheer for Tiger

by agoodnow

Why I didn’t cheer for Tiger

I always pulled for Tiger Woods to win golf tournaments.   It wasn’t because I liked him as a person or because I thought he was faithful to his wife.  Nope, it was because he was an exciting golfer.  He was intense.  He was passionate.  He didn’t care about ANYTHING but winning.   I liked that he was a machine who did whatever it took to win.  To have the sort of unparalleled focus toward his sport/craft/passion/job was admirable.  I liked that he was a winner.  And I thought that he acted like one…… He kept his private life private (his yacht is named Privacy), he gave a ton of money toward youth programs, and he seemed to be genuinely care……..

And then he took some sleeping pills, the wife finds some text messages, his wife clubs him a few times with his own 9-iron, he drives away, wife clubs the Escalade a few times, he crashes Escalade and the next thing you know Tiger’s life is in a tailspin.   He took some time off from the game and his life was torn apart the way no person deserves in any way, shape, or form. 

Now that being said………….while Tiger’s life was being torn apart I realized something.  He is the biggest douchebag going.  Not because he cheated on his wife a bizillion times.  As a matter of fact, I could care less about that.  But it made so many other things come to light for me.  He is an ass at tournaments.   Everyone is shouting his name, wanting to slap five with him, hoping that he acknowledges the fact that they love his performance and he doesn’t give a fuck.  The people who pay money to see him play, the people who buy the products he endorses.  He proactively ignores them.   It seems like he goes out of his way to be a bigger than life dickhead who does not care about the people who enable everything he has (and that includes his wife and 17 girlfriends)

Tiger treated himself as a brand.  As an entity that was above golf and above everyone who made him wealthy.  He would whine, slam clubs to the ground, and throw tantrums on the course when he hit bad shots.  No other player does that.  Nobody else makes a spectacle like he does.  He did it because, in his eyes, he was above repercussions.  (looks like that worked out well for him)  He did it because he never grew up.  

Tiger is a man kids look up to.  That kids emmulate.  There is an entire generation of children who have adored Tiger, who have made him the number one athlete in the world, who have said (as the commercial so famously put it) “I am Tiger Woods”.   Now, there are a lot of kids who can see how working hard and being the best allows you to be a crumby human being.   Because that is just what we need in this world…..more assholes.

So from here on…..I’ll watch Tiger play.  I’ll enjoy it when he hits a good shot.  But I have no interest watching a multi-millionaire hit bad golf shots and act like a 4 year old.  Whether or not he cheats on his wife…irrelevant to me.  The fact that he sucks at life and treats his fans like garbage….that does matter. 

Sidenote: For all of you grammar fanatics out there, I switched between tenses because Tiger used to be and still is a dick.