Wine – Guy Running in a thong – Subway

by agoodnow

At 10 pm last night I decided to go get myself a half decent bottle of wine.  Partly because it had been a while since I have enjoyed a bottle by myself.  Partly because I had just eaten 700 jelly beans and knew that I had to ingest something to offset the massive sugar rush brewing in my veins. 

So I walk out of my front door and BAM!!!!  A wonderful New York moment.

Quick sidenote here  for those of you reading who do not live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.   There is a man who runs up and down 1st Ave. in only a black thong leotard.   He puts his curly hair in a bun, puts on IPod, and just runs….  in his thong leotard.  Everyone who lives in the neighborhood knows who he is and we are just used to him, but when people who have never seen him before witness him in all of his running glory they usually giggle or are appalled.  Either way, he is a part of the neighborhood and a conversation piece.

Ok, back to me getting wine.  I walk out my apartment into the calm spring air and turn the corner on the 1st Ave.  when I hear “Hey, asshole……watch where you are going.  I’m trying to run here…..Fucking idiot!!!!!!!!!”  Of course, it was the guy wearing his thong (it was only 50 degrees last night.  That must be borderline “let’s put on a full bikini bottom or perhaps even a Speedo ” temperature??)   He was screaming at a cabbie.  The cabbie (from some foreign nation) just wore a blank look on his face upon seeing this guy.  I would venture to guess people do not run around in thongs where he is from.  And if they do their life expenctency is quite short.

It was a real moment. 

The next thing you know some guy runs out of the pizza place across the street from where all of this happens and  starts yelling at the thong guy.  More just harassing him than anything else.   Lots of yelling ensued.   It just made me think to myself, “This is why I moved here.  Never a dull moment”  At that point I kept walking to the wine store which is just up the block on 2nd Ave.

Picked up a bottle of Cabernet for $14.14. 

I walked back to my apartment and the thong guy is still just standing around.  I’m wondering why he is still there after ten minutes.  And then he took out his keys…….(from where I won’t guess) and went into the building across the street from me.  How wonderful.  He and I are neighbors.

Attempting to put all of this out of my mind I went home and drank the bottle of wine.  

After all of this excitement I looked up the best places to live in the US (NYC was not in the top 100 cities).  Apparently just outside of Boston and most of Colorado are hot spots.  Then I looked up the best places to live if you like to golf.  Columbus, OH and Austin, TX are the top places.  Hmmm…lower cost of living, great golf, still have metropolitan areas.  

I’m surprised NYC isn’t up there in top places to live.  Sure it is expensive, somewhat dirty, and crowded but it is still an amazing place.  You can’t put a value on seeing crazy shit happen everyday or being able to walk 80 feet from your front door and be in one of the best hospitals in the world, a park, a bank, a grocery store, a coffee shop, a sushi bar, or a Subway.  Seriously, within 80 feet I can be in anyone of those places.  I bet that isn’t measured  in the “Best places to live”  rankings….


I woke up this morning.  Mouth was a tad dry.  Didn’t feel overly chipper.  It was one of those “As soon as I get in the shower and get going I’ll be fine”  kind of mornings.  And it was.  Although I really got going after my english muffin with Strawberry preserve spread.  Either way, bottle of wine = took and extra 20 minutes to wake up.

I get to the subway.  I only have 3 stops to get to work.  At the 59th St. subway stop an elderly woman got on the train.  She shuffled her little feet next to me  and I made room for her to stand next to the railing so she would have something to hold onto.  She said to me “Oh, thank you.  I have to go all the way down to 14th St.”  And then it hit me.  Why aren’t any of these people getting out of their seats for this women?  She is clearly at least 80 years old.   AT LEAST.

So the train begins to move and I’m thinking about this more and more.  I’m beginning to realize how awful these people must be to not give this woman a seat.  I would say that just about all of them were between 18 and 40 years old.  

I gave one of those “are you all kidding me” looks to every person sitting around me and finally (and I had no idea I was going to say this)  I blurted out:

“Animals, you are all animals!!!”

Most people looked at me and realized what I was getting at.  By that time the train was slowing down a few people got up from their seats to leave the train (most notably a healthy, 30 ish year old man…..must be a real class act.  I bet he calls his mother on her birthday)  and the little old lady got her seat. 

Sometimes people make you wonder……….