Happy Hour (s)

I went to Queens last night to meet my best friend for some happy hour libations.  I rarely leave the island of Manhattan so going to an outter borough of the city is, at times, a nice change of pace.

I got out of work and went directly to a GNC and bought 2 protein bars.  I figured it would be a good idea to get some nutrients in my body before dehydrating it. 

For years my friends and I have been talking about owning a bar.   Me, I like the idea, and I think in about 20 years when my buddies and I have enough cash we will buy a small place that will be as much our own little drinking club as it is a functional bar.  Either way, last night my friend wanted to talk about opening one of the largest restaurants in Connecticut.  He had pictures of the building ( I would like to point out that he lives in Queens and he went to scout out of building for this restaurant in Bridgeport, CT), he had done research online about bids that have been placed on the building in past years, he has reviewed the documentation needed for a liquor license.  He was talking about high tech security to prevent theft and how many security guards would be needed for the property.   He had a list of people he knew who might be able to help us with the renovations of the building.  If nothing else, he knew what he was talking about.

I would also like to point out that my friend has the same job as Homer Simpson.  He is a supervisor at a nuclear power plant…I wonder where he gets all the time to research something like this?????

I have my doubts about starting a restaurant in a 7,000 square foot building, but I must say it was fun to go back and forth about what it would take to make it happen.  I would say that took up a solid 2 hours.

I tend to take a piece of paper and pen with me most places I go.  I never know when I’ll have the greatest idea ever and need to write it down.  You should see this sheet of paper.  The following things are written:

1. Math equations

2. Radiation exposure numbers

3. Lots of dollar signs

4. List of potential investors in the bar we want to open.

5. List of athletes I want to interview for my book.

6. A pros and cons list of why Bridgeport, CT may or may not be a good place to open a restaurant

7. Beer stains. I’m pretty sure the page was used as a coaster at some point.

8. List of sports I want to focus on for the book.

I would HIGHLY encourage anyone who is going to go out for a casual night of drinking to bring a sheet of paper.  It is fun to revisit your “brilliant” drunken ideas. 


I’m sitting at the bar and my biggest maniac of a friend texts me with an idea for the blog…….

30 Days of Herschel…………

30,000 push ups  in 30 days.  

Alright.  I’m in.   I’ll start tomorrow, April 16th.

Of course, I decided to do it while one my 8th beer of the night.   If he had sent me a text saying “hey, Mike Tyson needs some extra cash and he’s willing to box anyone for $100.  Let’s do it!!!!”  I most likely would have agreed because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  And because I was pretty drunk.

I think we finally wrapped up our “Happy Hour(s)” brain storming session/meeting of the minds at 11 pm.  That is a solid 5 + hours of happiness.   I took the train home, got myself a burrito bowl from the restaurant downstairs, and went home.  

Sidenote:  Drank Sam Adams Wheat beer.  It was quite delicious.  I also like buying Sam Adams because it is an American made beer that is still owned by Americans. 


I work up.  Arg.

It wasn’t that bad.  But it wasn’t that good either.   It is not a good sign when I don’t feel like eating.  I always want to eat.   Knowing that it is never a good idea to skip the most important meal of the day,  I forced myself to eat some ice cream (the bedrock of any responsible 28 year olds breakfast) mostly because I wanted something cold and the idea of having to put my english muffin in the toaster was too much to bear.


I just got a text message asking how my bar crawl went when I got back to Manhattan.  Apparently in my drunken glory I said I was going on a bar crawl when I left Queens.   My wallet, liver, and overall well-being are in a better place because that didn’t happen….