Weekend plans – push ups

by agoodnow

I am on day one of the Hershel Walker workout challenge or as I will refer to it.  The push up challenge.

30,000 push ups in 30 days.

I’m on push up number 160 and I’m realizing how much time this is going to consume of my day.  So I got to thinking….when should I do push ups.   Here are the triggers for doing push ups.

1. Everytime a commercial comes on the TV.  25 push ups.

2. After I pee. 15 push ups

3. After I use the phone. 10 push ups

4. Everytime I change clothes. 10 push ups

5. After I eat. 20 push ups

6. When I stretch. (already on the ground.  Might as well bang out some push ups)

7. At work.  Not sure how often at work, but I’ll find a way.

8. Everytime I receive a text message. 10 push ups

My maniac of a friend has taken this workout to the next level.  He is going to do 1,000 push ups, 1,000 sit ups, and 1000 squats a day.  That is INSANITY.  The kid is going to be doing body weight exercise for 4 hours a day. 


My weekend plans.

1. Run 11 miles.

2. Do 2,000 push ups

3. Work on my book.  Lots of research that needs to be done.

4. Watch some baseball.

5. Enjoy some beer.  I have decided to give myself a short window to drink before “crazy, hardcore training Andrew” emerges once again.

6. Take a mind numbing walk around NYC.  Maybe head down to Tribeca.

7. Buy a new book.

8. Finish my New Yorker Magazine.

9. Buy new pillows.   I really need new pillows.