Why am I doing so many push ups?

I began the push up challenge (30,000 push ups in 30 days) Friday at 11:30 am.  Since then I have done 1,162 push ups.  I’m fucking spent.  I question the sanity of anyone who attempts this.  That includes my own.  I am literally doing push ups while writing this. 


I told a trainer at the gym about this plan and she looked at me like I was entirely out of my mind.  Her first question was, “Why?”  Her next comment was, “Well, I hope you want big arms because that is  going to happen” 


I have always wanted big arms, but have never quite been able to get there.  Something to keep me motivated.



Sidenote (I wrote a 1,500 word blog last night and my computer lost it due to a bad internet connection.  I will try to recreate it as best I can)

Went to the Yankee game on Thursday night.  It is like going to a 5 star artery clogger.  Steak sandwiches, sausage and peppers, pulled pork sandwiches, peanuts, cracker jacks…..beers……by the time the game was over I was waddling out of the stadium. 



I began writing the book.  It is much different that I originally intended, but I tend to change my mind a lot.


I watched the first DVD of Season 3 of Mad Men.  Thus far it is amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  The show is genius.  I sat down with a bottle of red wine last night at around 11:30 and watched 3 episodes.   I may have consumed a 14 oz container of coffee ice cream as well…….



Heading back to Chicago for work tomorrow.  There are worse places to be headed in late April.   Maybe I”ll get to Wrigley.  Love that place.  Funny enough, one of my clients is a sausage making company located in Milwaukee that supplies Wrigley. 



Read a great quote today.

“Discipline and character can overcome formidable obstacles, and the such efforts are what great accomplishments require” 

This was written of S.A. Andree a Swedish explorer who while trying to find the North Pole via hot air balloon, died.  Cause of death unknown but that prevailing theory is from exhaustion/exposure or having been eating by a Polar Bear. 


These push ups are tough.  I am starting to think that they are going to interfere with running…..

That being said I think I’m going to scale back the run today.  My shins have been throbbing lately.  Since I’m not in official training mode right now and more in “let’s not get fat, drunk, and a couch sloth again” mode I’m not too worried. 



Yesterday I walked out my apartment door and ran into the person living next to me (I could swear the apartment is illegally rented as a hotel.  There are always foreign people there.)  Either way, I’m on my way to Borders Bookstore and I run into the neighbor.  He is unfriendly, slams his door, and best of all reeks of booze at 12:30 in the afternoon.   As someone who has done a fair share of day drinking I could tell that the scent of the beer (I would say it was a Heineken or some other strong imported beer) was fresh.  It was not the morning after hangover scent.  Believe me, the two smells are distinct.   This guy went out and pounded some Heinies at 11 am.    

So he goes back into his apartment where his wife and small son are eating lunch.  I bet they had a nice little family Saturday. 

Note to self:  Don’t be that guy in another 12 years.


If anyone needs me, I’ll be on the floor…………..doing push ups.