Notes from the last couple of days:

1. This is a text message that I got from my buddy Papandrew (arguably the craziest person I know) about doing the push up challenge (1,000 push ups a day)  however, he decided to add 1,000 sit ups and 1,000 squats a day to his plan along with a couple hundred pull ups.

“Body is in complete metabolic shock.  Everything is moving in slow motion.”

“When exercise begins to feel like torture, you should ask yourself, should I be doing this?”

“Just ate  18 inches of Subway.  Feeling better now” (this was at 10:30 am)

It makes me feel like a pansy that I have only been able to do 2,390 push ups in 5 days…………

I want anyone reading this blog to do 100 push ups.  Just see how doing 100 push ups in ONE day feels the next morning. 

2. Had 2 of the smoothest flights ever to and from Chicago.

3. Hotel in Chicago was great………other that not having hot water, no window, and the toilet literally bubbling up and spitting water on the floor as it flushed.  Lovely.

4. Had 2 great meetings in Chicago.  I absolutely love seeing my clients.  Even if one of the meetings was held in a graveyard.  (I’m not joking.  Literally in a graveyard)

5. New favorite bar in Chicago.  Hub 51.  Great menu.  Great food.   Prices were less than I expected. Beer was $5, but for such a nice bar I was happy to pay and the selection was good.  I’ll be sure to go back next time I’m in the area.

6. While sitting at Hub 51, there was an woman sitting at the bar in her late 30’s.  She is obviously from out of town.  There is a local guy (who I would imagine has done this before)  hitting on her pretty heavy for it only being 7 pm.  He is throwing out every line possible.   She quickly turned and started talking to me….because:

a) I was sitting at the bar, enjoying my third course, and watching the Cubs game…….ie. minding my own business.

b) I was far and away the most attractive guy at the bar if not the entire city of Chicago

c) I was the only person she could talk to so that she could avoid the creepy local guy trolling for chicks at 7 pm.

d) All of the above.

I would like to guess D, but I would imagine C is the correct answer here.

Anyways, I got to listen to this woman talk about her life (38, single, just sold her business, is a dancer, doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life) for about an hour.  She was in Chicago to take some form of personality testing to decided what career she wanted.  (note: I do not believe in these tests)  I was polite about it and as soon as her creepy, local buddy left I told her “Good luck with your life” and went back to my hotel. 

7. I fell asleep at 9 pm on Monday night and slept until 7:30 Tuesday morning.  Maybe it was the 450 push ups I did in 40 minutes or the obscene amount of food I ate (most likely because I was so hungry from all of the push ups) but I crashed hard.

8. The book is coming along well.  The intro is done and chapter one is in the working stages. (I’m going to keep updating how the book is coming so that I can keep myself accountable.  People who read the blog tend to ask me questions about the things I write about)

9. Watch the Season 3, 3rd DVD of Mad Men last night.  I can’t get enough.  I poured myself a Crown Royal and watched last night so I could feel a bit more like Don Draper.  (Don Draper reminds me of my first boss, who incidentally is also named Don.)

10. Celtics are showing some signs of life.  The Red Sox…..well, I’ll give them until June before I make any real decisions there.

11. This push up challenge is very difficult.  I am still going to pursue it, but thinking that it might take me a bit more time to get to 30,000 than 30 days. 

12.  Read this month’s issue of Esquire.  There is a short story in there from James Franco (he’s an actor: Spiderman, Pineapple Express).  It was terrible.  I wanted the 15 minutes back that it took to read the story and then think to myself  “Who thought it would be a good idea to publish this?”

13. Tina Fey is the hottest woman on the planet.  Hands down.  Don’t even argue it. She just is.  It is a fact and it is written in stone.