Earth Day suggestions

by agoodnow

Earth Day – Andrew Goodnow’s suggestion for a better world.

So because today is Earth Day I did not drive my car (don’t own one), I took public transportation (as I do every day), and I unplugged all of the non-essential appliances in my apartment (my electric bill was $45.55 last month and I live in an apartment the size of a small walk in closet, I save where I can). 

Here is my list of what I think people can do to make the world just a slightly better place:

1. Drink tap water.  Use a Brita or a Pure of whatever you need to make your water taste better and stop buying bottled water.   Seriously, if you are drinking bottled water and you are sitting in your own house, you might as well take the money out of your wallet and burn it.  Think of how much oil it takes to get Fiji water from FIJI to your local grocery store.  There is a reason that shit costs $5.25 a bottle.  It cost a lot of money to get it here.

2. Run outside.  When you can, you should.  Not only does it feel better to breathe in the fresh air, but you aren’t powering a treadmill, a TV, or a personal AC unit.   Besides, running outside makes you tougher.

3. Dimmer switches.  (Please do not attempt to install if you are not a licensed electrician.  I have electrocuted myself before. Not pleasant.  Your hair does, in fact, stand up when it happens.)

4. Unplug things.  I never leave my cell phone or laptop charger plugged in.  I unplug my TV when I am going to be gone for any longer than 24 hours.  I keep my DVD player unplugged.   It is actually very annoying.  Just typing about it irritates me.  Maybe I should attach them all to a power strip I can turn off…….(see that brilliant ideas that come from writing down random thoughts.)  But then there is still something plugged in.   I wonder if it uses any power when it is off?

5. I turn my fridge down when I leave for more than a day.  (This did, however, backfire on me once.  It involved salmon and some yogurt.)

6. Ride your bike.  I wish I could ride a bike, but I don’t dare to do so in fear of a few things

a) getting run over by a taxi

b) getting into a fight with a taxi driver

c) getting run over by a taxi and then fighting the driver when I am at a severe disadvantage due to having been run over by said taxi.  It would be a bad scene.

You can see the things that keep me up at night.

7. Flush your toilet.  I don’t care what anyone says about it being good for the environment to not flush your toilet unless there is solid matter in there.  It is just gross.  This goes for when you are in your office too.  Don’t be that guy…

8. They should eliminate street parking in NYC in favor of bike lanes.  You should not own a car in this city and if you do, you should have to purchase a parking space. 

(By now you can tell that I don’t own a car and I’m jealous of those who do)

9. Restaurants should be forced to send all left over food to food banks. 

10.  According to the NYC mayor’s office 25% of cabs are hybrids.  Good start.  But can’t they make some bigger hybrids?  We put a man on the moon 50 years ago, can’t we build an energy efficient car with a back seat that can comfortably accomodate 3? 

11. Skip the plastic bags and napkins when you can.  I have more fucking napkins at my desk and in my apartment than I know what to do with.   There is 1/8th of a tree sitting in my napkins on my desk.  They will come in handy if I ever spill at 248 oz Big Gulp……….

12. Don’t litter.  Littering is for assholes.

13. Do not club a baby seal.

Earth Day 2010: The natural world