Gym story….

by agoodnow

Gym story:

I’m at the gym tonight.  There is a trainer working with two girls.  They are doing bicep curls….nothing unusual.  And then I look up again.  The two girls are face up on a stretching table, side by side, and the trainer is on top of them stretching them both at once.  It was the most bizarre thing.  I just thought to myself:

1. That man has a great job.

2. How are these girls allowing this?

3. I bet they are slutty….

4. Is this actually a stretch?

5. I wonder if he can get fired for this. 

6. If I took a video of this I could sell it on the internet. 

7.  Both of these girls are a 7.  Combined, this guy is on top of a 14.  That’s a good day for him.

8. I wonder what they are talking about…

9. There must be some law against this.

I managed 7.3 miles in an hour and 449 push ups.  So far.


The NFL draft is over hyped.  3 days of this?  Really? 


The weather is perfect tonight.


I spoke to my cousin tonight.  Always good to catch up with her.  She and I were buddies as little kids.  Love knowing that she is doing well.


Going to see Avenue Q tomorrow night.  Quite the crew going.  My grandfather and uncle are coming from Maine.  It should be a great time.

Besides, I have heard that the play is a bunch of Muppets that swear and are vulgar.  My kind of show.