All about preparation.

Recently I’ve been all about preparation.  Not in a crazy OCD way, but I feel like I am always preparing myself for something.  So this morning I thought I would write a list of the things that I have to prepare for.

1. A stock market correction.  It is going to happen.   I’m going to be smarter this time. Much, much smarter.  I’m going to make risky bets and short sell everything because in 2008 when the market crashed I was “well diversified” and I lost 40%.  So fuck it.  I’m going to roll the dice this time.  

2. Preparing for another half marathon.   Starting Monday…….back……..on………the………..wagon.  I will give you one guess about who is going to enjoy some cocktails this weekend.  His name starts with Andrew and ends in Goodnow.

This time I’m not training to finish a half marathon, I’m training to kick some ass.  This push up routine has been great to build up some stamina and I feel like I’m running very well.   Time to get some speed work outs in and I’m aiming for 1:44 this time around.

3. Preparation for Montreal.  So what if it is 4 months away.  I need to get mentally prepared for this.  I also need a passport, a rental van, a hotel suite, dinner reservations for 12 guys, and lots and lots of Canadian booze.   I just got goosebumps thinking about the fun we’ll have. 

I also checked my Employee Assistance Program through work.  I get the following during “international travel”

a) $25,000 (American) for bail money

b) A tow truck for the van

c) Passport services

d) A call center that will help with translation (you know, if we run into those French speaking Canadians)

e) Extradition service (I’m looking at you RW from PA)

It has also been decided that we are putting a sign on the van that says, “Free candy”.  We can all thank MB from Aspen for that one.  Good work.

4.  Work.  I have been traveling a little bit and that requires me to prepare.  Kind of like how I was very well prepared for my last trip.  Bringing only a briefcase with me for 2 days in Chicago.  That suit is headed to the cleaners…..

5. Preparing for allergy season.  I started taking my allergy medication before my symptoms hit this year.  Best…….decision………ever.



Friday is the best commute day of the week.  UNTIL weird dude in the top hat got all in my grill and started reading the Bible under his breath.  I wanted to tell him to cut that shit out, but I only had one more stop to go.  If you want to read the bible….have at it.  Just don’t read it out loud on the subway when you are 6 inches from my face. 

I had the best cup of coffee this morning.  It was made in my apartment.  Enjoyed on my couch.  Perfect.

Getting very excited to watch puppets curse tonight.  (Avenue Q)