Vulgar puppets

by agoodnow

The puppets of the show “Avenue Q” just weren’t vulgar enough for my liking.  They just weren’t.  Not enough F bombs.  There were however, some highlights:

The “Everyone’s  a Little Bit Racist” song.  How very, very true.  We all pre judge in our own ways. 

The scene where two puppets had sex.  So many things you can do with drunk puppets having sex.  The possibilities are endless.

The big puppet yelling about how the internet was only made for porn.

Two very cute puppet bears who were the “Bad Bears”  influencing all of the other puppets to do bad things.  I liked those puppets.   Reminded me of…………myself.   “Come on.. who cares if it is Tuesday night?  Have one more shot.  It won’t kill you.  Oh, so it is 2:30 am…..well, you have come this far.”

And of course, puppet masturbation.  Nothing else really needs to be added here.  Puppets touching their imaginary genitals.  Yep…………

It was an intellectual experience.   One that could have used much more vulgarity.


1. My mother agreed that the play needed more vulgarity. 

2. My 76 year old grandfather came to see the show with us.

3. Glad to be able to drink during the show.  That made it a little more fun.

4. I want a puppet.  That way when people come to my apartment I can hide behind my couch and put on a creepy puppet show.  (you need to see my apartment to appreciate the humor in that one.)

5. People who write plays/shows are brilliant.  I am amazed at the amount of vision someone must have to pull that off.

6. It was a nice little family night. 


I also ate a duck buritto this weekend.  That was GOOD.  I am talking REAL GOOD.  If you haven’t ever enjoyed a duck buritto.  I suggest you get on it.  ASAP.


I love it when it rains in NYC.  The streets are little quieter.  Less people are out.  It is almost as if the rain has a soothing effect on the city.  People relax.   Every once in a while you need a rainy day.