I have been at my job for 5 years

by agoodnow

Today is 5 years at my job.  I am in disbelief.  Can you say “Fully vested in my cash-balance pension plan and employer sponsored 401k match?”   Because I can!!!!  Oh yes, I just got about $12,000 wealthier overnight.  Use compound interest on  $12,000 over 40 years using a factor of 1.06 (a fairly conservative number) and when I am 68 that is $123,428.   Forgive me for looking at the bright side of things, but that just made me smile.

I also got to work and found that my boss sent a note to my division congratulating me on my 5 years AND I received an automated email from the CEO of the company.  Let me tell you…….feeling all warm and fuzzy inside this morning.

My gift from the company was  business card carrying case.  Yep, that already broke.  All it took was one business trip and that thing is done. 


Have you ever seen the movie “Brewster’s Millions” ?

I love that movie.  The entire idea appeals to me.  Someone forcing you to spend money on things that do not matter at all….just blowing money for the sake of blowing money. 

Well, there is a scene in the movie where Brewster’s dead uncle who is forcing him to spend $30m in a month made an analogy.   When he was young his father caught him smoking.  So the father locked him in a closet with a box of cigars and lighter.   He could only come out after he had finished the cigars.

I did something similar last night:

Knowing that I would be hopping back on the wagon I decided to have some drinks last night. 6 Guinness and two bottles of wine later…………… I woke up to the following things: The TV was on.  There was a bottle of wine sitting on my coffee table.  There were two pizza boxes on my counter (ie breakfast).   I had a nasty headache.  My mouth was dry.  And the worst part……..I wasn’t prepared like I used to be.  I used to have the Advil and the Vitamin Water ready to go. It is the fastest way to cure a hangover.  With this new and improved lifestyle I lead,  my state of readiness was significantly compromised.   

I’m good with not drinking for a while after that.  Every once in a while I need a firm reminder that drinking is fun, but drinking too much sucks.  I have the “I can smell what I drank last night coming out of my pores” feeling today. 

Not quite sure how that all ties in with “Brewster’s Millions”, but it made sense when I started…..


For the first time since I started investing in highly speculative stocks my “high risk” portfolio is in the black.  Oh yes Lithium Mining corporations…….you do your thing.   I hate to say it, but an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has benefited me significantly this morning. 


Day 2 of my “no technology” experiment.  Thus far it is going well.    My blackberry/texting thumb should start healing. 

It was weird leaving my apartment this morning.  I always do a feel test before I leave. I hit my back pocket: wallet.  I hit both front pants pockets: keys, phone, blackberry.     It’s nice not having to remember as many things….