Moving to Australia

by agoodnow

I have a friend who is moving to Australia for 3 months.

Got me thinking.  I should go with him.  Spend a few months there.  Take a leave of absence from work.  Work on my screenplay/book/write about the experience.  He is moving there right when my lease runs out.  Why not.  It would be perfect.  Just perfect.  When else in my life would I be able to do something like that?  My guess…never. 

So it is something I have on my mind.  It would be awesome. 

My biggest question is “Will I regret this?”  I sincerely doubt that I would. 

So here is to hoping that my Lithium Mining stocks keep going up in value and I can afford such a thing.


I did 406 push ups today.  I do not think I could possibly do 1,00o a day.  There just isn’t enough time.


I love leftover pizza.  So good.  Is there anything bad that we can say about pizza?  I don’t think there is.


When does season 4 of Mad Men start?


Big shout out to my buddy String.  He ran an amazing 1:37 half marathon on Saturday.  Not only is that an insanely fast time, but he has officially raised the bar for me to train harder.  We all need people who will push us in life.  No matter what it is that you are doing.  

Congrats String.  That is a huge accomplishment (and one that will most likely be safe from me breaking…this year)


Check out my buddy D’s blog.  Fucking hysterical stuff. I cried reading one of them.   He keeps his entries short and you can get through it in just a couple of minutes.  Give it a read.


I got fitted for a tux this evening.  I lost 2 inches on my waist.  Not trying to brag, but that officially makes me un-fat.


I made a sale at work today.  I won’t get paid on it.   I personally think that is wrong. Very wrong.


I found out how to try to get an article published in a magazine today.  I’m in overdrive trying to get a presentation together.


Anyone have any thoughts on dropping off the face of the earth for 3 months so that I can write and hang out on a beach?  I mean, it isn’t exactly adult, but I’m not 30 yet.