New Gatorade

by agoodnow

Dear Gatorade,

Love your product.  It has served me well for the last 20 years or so.  Sugar + water + a little sodium and I’m rehydrating like a champ either from strenuous excercise or heavy drinking. 

So what’s with the new 3 stage drinking “series” you just introduced to the market?  Kind of tough to figure this one out.  I just spent $2.99 on one (1) bottle of your “Pre-game Fuel”.  After that I should spend another $2.99 on the “Perform” Gatorade to get my through the work out.  Having pre-fueled and performed it is now time for me to pay $4.89 to “Recover”.   So what you are telling me is that to perform at my highest levels I have to pay you $10.87 + tax each time I work out?   Going to go ahead and pass on that one. 

I get the concept.  Instead of only having one product you introduce three (3) higher priced alternatives thus creating buzz with the “New Gatorade” and increasing profit margins.  But $10.87 (plus tax) per workout?   I’m going to have to borrow against my 401(k) to afford that.

So I tried the pre fuel.  There is so much sugar in it that my stomach started to spasm.  It has been 15 minutes now and the spasms have stopped, but I’m a little worried about what is going to happen once I start running.   This has the potential to be both painful and embarrassing at the gym.  I’m leaning more toward embarrassing.

If I can bang out 75 push ups in a row and run a sub 6:30 mile tonight,  I’m sold on it.  If not, huge marketing ploy and I’ll never select the brand again.  Too much greed for my liking.

Feels a little bit like “New Coke”.  We all knew how well that ended.