No cell phone – Day 3

by agoodnow


I’m on day 3 without the use of a cell phone outside of my apartment.  In essence I have turned my cell phone into a LAN line.  Nothing adverse has come from it.  If anything it is a relief not to have.  One less thing emitting radiation to have tied to me at all times.  My time has become my own.  I’m glad that I can’t be reached at any given time.

Instead of checking the phone to see who sent a message every 5 minutes and feeling like I have to respond immediately…….I take a look at my phone when I get home and if I need to respond, I do.  

I’m telling you, it is a better way to live.   I’m happier not carrying it around. 

Last night I got done with the gym and felt like going to bed.  I was exhausted, but had made plans to go see a show on the Lower East Side.  If I had the cell phone I easily could have cancelled.  It would have been easy to do so.  Instead I ended up going to the show and had a great time.  If I had the phone with me, 90% I would not have gone last night.

I got home to a great text message (it is almost like it was 15 years ago when you would get home and check an answering machine) it read:

“Go to Australia already!  3 months there will give you 53 years worth of stories/memories”

Now that will make me think.  I have never read anything more true…..