The Great Collide

by agoodnow

The Great Collide is fitting for tonight’s blog as it is the name of a band I saw and the overall clash of people I encountered tonight……..

Update from the last blog:  The “New Gatorade” was just terrible. I will blame the Gatorade for only doing 306 push ups.   From now on I’m sticking to water.

After the “New Gatorade” debacle at the gym………..I went to Arlene’s Grocery.  It is a bar that hosts concerts.  A small venue, but not so much that it is claustrophobic.  I was there because my friend’s, fiance’s, sister’s band was playing there. (Did you get that?) 

So I get there early and decided to wait outside for my friends because:

A) I wasn’t drinking and didn’t want to stand in a bar (sober) while getting bumped into

B) The bar was filled with filthy, dirty hipsters

C) It was loud and I’m an old man

D) All of the above

So I waited outside.  Only two homeless people came up to me asking for money (I mean, it is the Lower East Side…the land of plenty) After the second person asked for money and I said “No” a large black man walked by man and called me a “fucking bitch”.  At that point I questioned if I wanted to go back inside.  I made the executive decision to stay outside due to the fact that I really hate dirty, filthy hipsters who do not shower or shave.   Luckily, the large man kept walking although he did look back at me a couple of times like he had more to say.  I’m glad he didn’t.

So my friend gets to the bar with his fiance and we go inside.  We walked into the middle of another band’s set.  Let me tell you…..they were TERRIBLE.   Not sure if it was music.  One of their songs had the following lyrics.

Die, die, die, die, die, die, die , die, die……….

At that point I’m thinking, “What the fuck kind of a show are they bringing me to?”  I was just glad they didn’t sacrifice a goat on stage.  I sensed a lot of anger… know, with the chanting about death and all.

So they finally wrap up that uplifting and otherwise nonsensical set and I’m just ready to go home.  I did not want to be mean about the band we were there to see.  I sometimes have a tough time pretending that I like something like a bad band, but I vowed to say I liked it no matter what.  Even if it meant my nose would get longer (we don’t need that) as I said how good the band performed.

I was in luck.  This band was great.  The band’s name is “The Great Collide“.  I’m about as critical as it comes and I thought they played an amazing set.   It was upbeat and fast, but not aggressive.  The band had a lot of chemistry and the lead singer had an amazing voice.  I’m glad I went.  It was a lot of fun and it is always nice to deviate from the wake up, go to work, go to the gym, go home, go to bed routine that I fall into when I stop drinking.

So the show is over and I am standing around with my friends and a….errr……… large girl comes over and starts talking to us.  Not sure exactly why, but she wanted to know all about us and all about our jobs.  She worked at Starbucks.  She wanted to introduce me to the terrible, terrible band that played before the really good one, and she may have been one of the more annoying drunks I’ve met in a while.   Poor girl.  I felt bad for her, but I had no interest in being nice to her just to arbitrarily be nice.  

Maybe I’m a jerk, but I’m OK with that.

Great night.  I’m glad I got out and did something.