Andrew the Grouch

by agoodnow

Ever been in a shitty mood?  (I know the answer is yes) 

On a 1-10 scale:

One being, I stubbed my toe and I’ll get over it in 25 seconds after I scream obscenities at myself.

Ten being,  Mike Tyson just hit me in the face, my dog died, I lost my life savings, and Aaron Boone just hit a homerun in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS (this is coming from a Red Sox fan….if you are a Yankee fan, think 2004 ALCS…up 3-0 and choking)  all in one day….

Today was a 4.

No clue why.  I just felt like garbage.  It was a bad day.  I was off my game.  The best way to describe me would have been grouch. 

AND I had a client meeting today.  I got it together enough to turn on the charm for 40 minutes (which is good because all of the sudden I was being introduced to a new Treasurer)

I finally left work, got home and decided to pull myself together.  I took my clothes to the cleaner, I returned the last Mad Men DVD I had rented, and went to the gym.

I was planning on running 7 miles.  I made it 4.5 and felt like I was going to throw up.  I was out of breath.  Cramped. Felt dizzy.  Dehydrated.  (Think fat kid working out for the first time ever….)

So…….got off the treadmill and rode the bike.  Then did deadlifts.  Dips. Curls. Overhead press.  One arm press. Shrugs. Abs. Hit the speed bag.  I worked out until I no longer felt shitty.  And it worked.  By the time I got home from the gym I was singing Bob Marley’s “Everything Gonna Be Alright”  (I don’t sing Bob Marley.  Not sure where that came from)

Note to self, I need to stop doing so many push  ups and do more running.  They are good and all, but the 400-700 a day I was doing is too much.

Either way, I worked out and felt like less of a Grouch.


I’m going to Delaware this weekend.  Bachelor party.  More to follow on that.


After doing some research on Australia, it is very possible to move there for 3 months.   Just enough time to learn how to surf.


From this week’s New Yorker:

By April 8th, when the Boston Tea Party held its regular monthly meeting at the Green Dragon, word about Palin’s visit had got around. Two buses from the Maine Tea Party were already confirmed. Twenty thousand people might turn up, maybe forty thousand, and who knew how many would be counter-protesters? I sat down at a table with George Egan, a soft-spoken Boston cop, retired and living on a pension. He had been a Democrat until “Kennedy killed that little girl,” and had never worked on a political campaign until Scott Brown’s, but then he threw himself into it, because “the government is out of control.” Egan’s twin brothers, John and Joe, were there, too. Their grandparents came over from Ireland in 1907; they grew up in Dorchester. They have worked very hard, all their lives. They’re mad about the bums—the bums on the streets, the bums in Washington. George said, “Every drug addict gets a check. We write those checks.” Joe said, “Stay out of our wallets. I don’t care: Democrat, Republican? I don’t care.” Then George told me, “My little girl, when she was three, she got real sick. Had to be in intensive care for ten days. Had to have a tracheotomy. I had shit for insurance. The hospital sent me a bill. Ten thousand dollars. I got a second job; I sent the hospital one hundred bucks a week. That was the right thing to do. This is wrong. People want something, they have to work for it.”

Read more:

Here is where I take issue with this guy’s argument.  He is living off of a STATE PENSION.   You know what I do to save for my retirement.  I SAVE MY OWN MONEY.  Here this guy is talking about staying out of people’s wallets when he never bothered to save for himself.  He is letting the tax payers take care of him. 

Though I do respect that he paid his daughter’s medical bills, I think there are times when people do not understand that government hand outs are far more wide spread than just drug addicts taking money in the form of welfare. 

One day I will retire.  I will take the money I SAVED and use it to support myself.  The gentleman in this article did not bother to do that for himself, instead he is living off of a government paycheck in retirement.  Sir, you are welcome.  And enjoy your Tea Party rally.


I fucking hate it when people beg on the subway, somehow making me feel like I am a bad guy for not “sparing” my hard earned money.   Fuck you, you are healthy enough to walk around and beg….go work for the census.

I hear it is going to be 86 degrees on Saturday.  I think I’ll pop an extra allergy pill in preparation for that….


How do I get someone to pay me to move to Australia?