My fridge broke

by agoodnow

Good things that happened today:

I ran 11 miles.

I went grocery shopping.

Bad things that happened today:

Humid.  It is only May 3rd.  If this is how the summer is going to be it is going to be trouble.  I sweat through my suit on my way home tonight.  Dry cleaning is not cheap in this city…..

My fridge broke.  Thus rendering all of the food I purchased just about useless.  I’m eating as much as I can right now.  Anyone who wants roast beef and turkey sandwiches is welcome to come to my apartment.  There will also be glasses of milk served.  Side salads are on the menu.  Oh, Italian is more your taste?  Well then, the 3 pounds of ground turkey I bought will make a great sauce.   Or perhaps a large meatloaf…..

My apartment management company is getting the my grocery bill.  I’m not pissed because I will simply not pay rent for the amount of perishable food that is going bad.  Simple solution to an annoying problem.

After further review, I just had to throw out everything that was in my freezer and a bunch of vegetables in my fridge.  I have also been drinking milk/protein drinks all night.

My stomach hurts……


Just a few quick notes before the scene from Spaceballs where the alien pops out of the guys stomach occurs in my living room….

1. Drill Baby Drill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, I bet the good folks in Louisiana are thinking that as their beaches are covered in a think layer of oil.  

2.  Big congratulations to my friend Jess who ran the Broad Street Run (a 10 mile race) in 1:07.36.  That is insane.  Sub 7 minute miles.   That is just an amazing time. 

(To put things into context I had run 7.5 miles in my training run tonight in the time it took her to run 10.  That is like getting lapped 10 times if we were running on a track)

3. Will people stop trying to blow shit up in New York?   It is beyond me that this keeps happening.  These terrorist groups need a new hobby.  Something that doesn’t involve killing innocent people would be nice.  I thought of  a list:


You know, I think I’ll pass on writing out a list of things terrorists should do…..

4. The push up challenge is dead.  I will say…I can do more push ups now than I ever thought possible.  But doing push ups for 2 hours a day is just over kill.

5.  I’m breaking down and running my AC unit tonight.  Last year I made it until July.  Although, I wasn’t running 11 miles last year.  My body is a furnace right now.