God said “Go to Australia”

by agoodnow

I think God is sending me signs:

I had a couple of glasses of wine last night with my Mom to celebrate Mother’s Day (I will be in Delaware at a wedding this weekend and unable to go to her house in Connecticut on Sunday)  My Mom is an avid reader of my blog and she wanted to talk about my idea about moving to Australia for a few months.  She could not have been more supportive.  Her overall sentiment was…..let’s start planning.  So we came up with a bunch of questions.

1. Bills?  What would I need to pay in overhead while away?  (student loan and credit card are the only two that jump out)

2. My apartment?  Would I keep it?  Could I sublet it?  Would I need to move all of my belongings into storage or take them all home to my Mom’s garage in CT?  How tough would it be to get a new place when I get back?

3. How can I afford this?  What is my plan to have enough money to make it work?

Her overall disposition was “Go do it”   She was more than supportive.  It bordered on, “If you don’t do this you will regret it.   I wish I could have done this at your age” type of a feel.  Of course at my age she has some 3 and half year old kid running around all over the place thus making it difficult to travel the world.   (Sidenote: hey Mom, doesn’t that sounds familiar?)

After we had our talk I went home and started writing.  I must have written for a couple of hours.  Working on my book.  Just the idea of getting away and going to Australia was inspiring to me. 

(I really need a desk for my apartment.  Writing with my laptop on……my lap, can’t be good for certain male reproductive systems)

And then……………….


Yes, that is a blog post that popped up on the welcome screen to my blog server titled: 

Dear Heaven,

Suck it!



If that isn’t a message from God, I don’t know what is.