Mother’s Day

Reasons my Mom is awesome……

1. We used to buy baseball cards. Topps baseball cards.  The type that still had bubble gum.  We would buy them for hours on end.  To this day that is one of my fondest memories.

2. She makes the single best meal in the world.  White lasagna.   If you have not had the pleasure of my Mom’s lasagna, you haven’t lived.

3. She taught me an appreciation for wine.  Some nights it sure beats a  Bud Light.

4. She let me drive her new BMW the first night she owned it.  Some might call that crazy…………..I call it “best Mom ever”

5. Bail money…………..(thanks again)

6. Rent in the fraternity house, spring break (s), and  the book money I spent on beer.

7. I went to a pay phone in my high school as soon as I found out that I made the high school golf team.  It was to call my Mom.  To this day that is the most excited phone call I have made. 

8.      23 years ago I made her a bracelet.  She wore it to work on Friday.  

9. She supports my dreams.  No matter how crazy.  No matter how high the probability of failure.

My Mom never had it easy.  She grew up in a house without plumbing.   She never went to college. 

She is now a Vice President at a Fortune 10 Company.

My Mom is awesome.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.  You are the best.