Wedding Weekend

by agoodnow

I went to a wedding this weekend.  One of my college roommates and fraternity brother.  He is by all accounts one of the best guys I know.  It was an honor to be in his wedding party. 

A few notes from the weekend.

1. Rehersal dinner was hosted at Grotto’s Pizza.  Grotto’s (for those of you who did not go to the University of Delaware) is the local dive bar where you can buy 23 oz Bud Lights for $2.25.   It also happens to be the spot where the bride and groom met (I think they did at least)  Either way, I thought it was a fitting spot for the rehersal.  In essence, going back to where their relationship started. 

2. On Friday night I did a little Priceline Negotiator (I just sang the Priceline commercial in my head)  and got a room for $50 at the Quality Inn.  Not so much quality at this inn.  A few notes about the “Quality” Inn:

a) as we were on our way to the room a gentleman wearing a tank top, Nascar hat, and white jean shorts asked me where he could get some pizza (I was carrying a pizza box).  I told him to go to Grotto’s.  He then said, “Shows what kind of a man you are if you like Grotto’s pizza!”   I just laughed and hoped that he didn’t have a shotgun in the back of his pick up truck.

b) there was a sign in the room listing the prices of all of the items in the room due to their “popularity with guests” ie. people stole so much out of the rooms that they had to let them know what their credit cards would be charged for stealing the ironing board ($30)

c) The TV didn’t have an antenna, but it should have.

d) My feet got a nice bath due to the drain being clogged. Just nasty. 

3. The 3 of the 4 groomsmen all got ready at the groom’s house where we had a few beers and shot of Gentleman Jack.  (the forth showed up to the church 10 minutes before the ceremony started because he had to stop at Burger King on his way there.  He walks in a says to me “Hey, do you have a mint or some gum?  My breath smells like onions”  You stay classy.)

4. Speaking of classy……….We tailgated in the parking lot of the chuch while waiting for people to arrive.  

5. It was so windy out that the church steeple was swaying.  Wood chips were falling from the roof and landing on us while the ceremony was taking place.  (I think that’s good luck, right?)

6. We went to the reception in the coolest party van ever.  Much better than a limo. 

7. The reception was held at a country club.  We had to drive golf carts to get to a creek where we took pictures.  Golf carts + drinking = awesome.

8.  As the wedding party was being introduced I demanded the wedding coordinator get me a glass of scotch to drink/hold as I walked into the room.   I would pay good money for a video of me walking into the room with ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” playing while holding that glass of scotch.  It was money.

9. Don’t drink and give best man speeches. 

10. After beer number 875 I started dancing.   I was a dancing machine.  If you Youtube “white guy with no rhythm dancing”  I pop up.  And if I don’t………I should.

11. My date was smoking hot.

12. (on a more serious note)  About 3 months ago a very good friend of mine was hospitalized because his blood pressure was so high that it could have killed him.  He was in the hospital for 2 weeks and he did not have insurance.   

He and his wife were at the wedding.   I started chatting with his wife for a minute about how my friend is doing and she mentioned that they recently got the hospital bill.  It was tens and tens and tens of thousands of dollars.  Again, no insurance.  And then she said to me, “I think of it like this.  We just bought a REALLY expensive car and we are going to keep it in the garage.  But instead of having a car my husband is alive and nothing else matters.”

She goes in the “Friend’s wives that I like” category.


I think sometimes people don’t enjoy their wedding because they want everything to be perfect.  These two just had fun.   They didn’t stress out about anything. They drank, danced, and enjoyed the company of their friends and family.  I can’t speak for them, but from my viewpoint it looked like they had the perfect wedding. 

Congrats Andy and Kristine.  Enjoy St. Lucia.