Weekend “Time”

by agoodnow

Weekend time.

I’m not talking it is time for the weekend. Nope, I’m talking about my valuable, precious time on the weekends and how I use it.   It got me to thinking about the different types of weekends I have had.  Let’s take a look.

1. The visitor from out of town Weekend – These weekends are fun, but tiring and expensive.  You eat out for every meal, you go to shows, you end up walking endlessly. 

2. The let’s do errands Weekend – Sometimes you need to get your life in order.  Wake up on a Friday and realize that you have one clean pair of underwear, you do not have any clean socks (that match), your sink is full of dishes, there are FOUR pizza boxes on your kitchen counter, you have a stack of unread mail (all of them bills) that needs tending, your bathroom looks like the soap scum monster threw a party last night,  you have 4 packets of soy sauce and a jar of mustard in the fridge, your trash is overflowing, and you wonder why there is a cat sitting in your living room.   This is when you realize that Friday Happy Hour just isn’t going to happen. 

3. The boys night out Weekend-   I love these.  They typically involve visitors and/or a road trip.  Far too much beer is drank, far too much red meat is consumed, and Monday morning is brutal.  All well worth it.  As I’m getting older and all of my idiot friends have gotten married, these nights are few and far between.

4. The Bed, Bath and Beyond Weekend-    Sometimes you just need “stuff”.  Pillows, soap, Magnum sized Trojans, etc.  Bed, Bath, and Beyond has them all. 

5. The I’m not going to drink Weekend-     These are the weekends where you wake up at 8:30 am on a Saturday and realize how much time you have been wasting being hung over until 2 pm EVERY WEEKEND.  These are typically productive and surprisingly fun.  Going out on a weekend night and NOT drinking gives a different perspective. 

6. The I’m only going to drink Weekend –    Fun.  Expensive.  Bad for the liver.  Bad for Monday morning.  Good for the stock price of InBev.  At times, you just need to get it out of your system.  You know how smoking a cigarette takes 7 minutes off of your life expectancy?  These weekends take 42 days……….

7. The I love my couch Weekend-      Sweatpants.  4 DVDs.  2 cartons of Ben and Jerry’s.  2 pizzas.  A bottle of wine.  Yeah, those are good weekends (I can usually only do one day of this and it needs to be raining.  If it is nice out you just feel like  lazy garbage)

8. The Spring cleaning Weekend-     These.   Weekends.   Suck.    Unfortunately,they need to happen.  Put away all your winter stuff, get out the spring stuff, get a Goodwill bag together. 

9. The Wedding Weekend-     Open bar.  Friends and/or  family.  The results can be wonderful……or wonderfully disastrous.  (I have yet to see a bride or groom run out of a wedding ceremony, but I really want to.  Does that make me a bad person?)

10. The I spent my entire weekend traveling Weekend-     You get home on Sunday night and ask yourself, “Did I just spend 30 hours in a car?”

11. The weekend was far too short Weekend –    This is every weekend.