I love Irish bars

by agoodnow

Yesterday was my day off from running and/or working out.  So I utilized my time well.  I went to three bars: O’Neil’s, Pat O’Brien’s, and O’Flannagan’s.   Do you see a theme there?

O’Neils:  Love that bar.  Great happy hour spot.  The bartenders greet you with a handshake and a 20 oz beer and the happy hour prices can’t be beat at $4.  (Good beer too, you aren’t drinking Bud Light)

Last night I met a buddy there had a few beers.  We talked about how neither of us make enough money, how the world of finance is absurd right now, and we tried to figure out why women are so crazy.    All three of those topics we were unable to nail down. 

After we left I walked home (stopping for ice cream along the way) and enjoyed the weather.  I drank a few glasses of water while sitting on the couch and decided that I had no interest in sitting at home by myself on such a beautiful night. 

Pat O’Brien’s:

Boston sports bar in the middle of New York City.  It is overpriced, they never buy you a beer, and they don’t have food.  But you are surrounded by other Boston fans so it all evens out. 

Last night I watched the Red Sox win and the Bruins collapse in an epic fashion.  I’m not a huge hockey fan but to watch them destruct, losing four games in a row and blowing a 3-1 lead in game 7 was rough.  They looked like they didn’t want to be there.

I drank a couple of beers and as soon as the games were over I left.  No need to hang out in the overpriced, loud bar if I don’t need to.  (sidenote: one of the bartenders there is stupidly hot.  On a scale of 1-10, this girl is a 12.5)

I left and was just about to my apartment when I decided a couple of things….it was still relatively early, I was only mildly buzzed, and I was not ready to call it quits. 


I used to go to this place at 3 am after I had been out drinking all night.  It was always my last stop.  It is a great little bar.  It too, is overpriced, but the food is unreal and the bartenders are great.  They all know my name even though I haven’t been there in months.  I sat down and ordered a Guinness.  The bartender placed the luscious beverage in front of me and placed it on a coaster….that had a cartoon image of Jennifer Love Hewitt on it:

(It is an adertisement for her new book)


On the back it had advice on what not to say to a guy:

1. I can see us spending the rest of our lives together.

2. You looked thinner in your photo. (Ummm…..the point of this is that you got someone’s number in a bar.  I think you have probably met)

3. My last boyfriend……

What stupid advice.  Seriously, dumb.   My mind could not grip why anyone would read her book.  (Unless there were half nude photos of her in it.)

So I look at a table next to me with 5 women sitting around.  I went over to them and asked,  “What do you think about this?”  And handed them the coaster.  Their responses were quite comical:

1. “It makes women seem easy.”

2. It is “gender backwards”.   She added, “Why should I be picking up a guy?  That’s stupid.”

3. “She looks like a hoe.  Why is she portraying herself like that to other women?  It isn’t a book targeted toward men.  I don’t want to see her cartoon boobs.”

4. “Nobody writes down numbers.  The coaster is useless.   You put numbers in your phone”  (I happened to think this was the best insight of them all)

5.  “She looks angry in the cartoon.”  (Another good point.  I don’t think many guys want to go up to angry women.  That is how you end up getting slapped or with a drink thrown on you)

I would like to thank Dawn, Donna, Nicole, and Sue.  I gave them the blog address and hope they get a chance to read it. 

Overall a good night.  I got home at around 12:30 and I was up this morning at 9, got my coffee, went to a flea market (bought a James Patterson book), ran 9.35 miles, went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, the bank (got my state tax return in the mail.  Why they mailed it to me instead of wiring it as I requested, I’m not sure.  But I was sure to put it in the bank ASAP), and cooked some pasta.

So far a productive weekend.