Ditch Diggers

by agoodnow

I was out celebrating the fact that one of my friend’s lived for another year (ie, her birthday) and something happened that made me wonder:

One of her friend’s from college was there (the kid was a complete mess) and he looked familiar.  I asked where I might know him from and I was told that he lived in DC.  And then it hit me.  About 4 years ago I was in DC and got fitted for a pair of sneakers at a running store.   He was the person who helped me buy my shoes.

I asked him about it and he denied working at a shoe store.  So I then thought maybe I was wrong.  It must have been another guy who lived in DC, ran track at UConn, and knew my friend………..

It turns out that it was him.  He was just too embarrassed to admit that he had worked/still worked at a shoe store. 

So I pose this question.  What is so embarrassing about working in a shoe store?  The guy ran track, he is into running….why not do something you enjoy?  You get to talk to other runners all day long.  You don’t have to sit at a desk all day.   I’m sure that you could work your way up and manage the store and make decent money. 

I felt bad that his job made him feel so inadequate that he felt compelled to lie about it.  Kind of sad.  Maybe that’s why he got so drunk and stupid.

You should have some sort of passion for what you do.  Be it working in a running store or managing corporate retirement plans.  You should wake up and feel like you are doing something worthwhile.   You should want to go to work.  The goal should be to get someone to pay you to do something you love. 

Of course as the quote from Caddyshack goes, “The world needs ditch diggers too”