Fridge Repair Dude = Rat Bastard

by agoodnow

Fridge Repair Dude did not show up between 1 and 5 today.  Do you know who did show up at my apartment today between 1 and 5?  The person who had work.  The person who rearranged plans to make sure he was there so that his fridge would work and he could once again store things like milk, chicken, ice cream, and left over chick peas?   The guy who is not overly amused right now.  The guy who is still holding on to hope that they Fridge Repair Dude is still on his way and simply stuck in traffic.   Yeah, that would be me. 

Things that could have happened that would lead to me being less upset right now. (Truth be told, I’m not that upset.  Irked, but not pissed.  Not worth my energy to get pissed over something like this.  I can’t control it and perhaps this is God’s way of telling me no to eat meat for a little while longer.)

1. A phone call.  Pick up the phone and say you won’t be there.  If I don’t show up to a client meeting I’m expected to call.  Just because this guy has a blue collar and I have a white one doesn’t mean that common courtesy should be different.

2. Why does the window of time have to be FOUR hours?  Four hours is huge.   How do they not have their schedules set up better than that? 

3. Guess whose rent just went down by a half days worth of pay?????  Combine that with the food bill and Andrew’s rent this month is looking to be around oh………I think $150 sounds fair. But only because I am a reasonable guy.

4. Why can’t my super fix this?  The guy gets free rent and a salary.  He can’t replace a small motor? 

5. I’m going to feel like  a real jerk if I find out the Fridge Repair Dude got into some kind of terrible accident. (I doubt he did though)

Hey it could be worse.  I’m lucky to live somewhere that it is so easy to get whatever food I want, whenever I want it.  I live in NYC without a fridge, not Africa without food…….