Nerd table from high school

I applied to volunteer at a youth sports clinic as a coach/mentor a couple days ago.  Since things didn’t go as well as planned with the community center (they cancelled the adult education class I was supposed to help teach) I figured I should start looking for something new.   So combining teaching with sports should be a good combo for me.  I can be like the coach from “The Bad News Bears”.   A perfect role model in every way. 

I hope this one works out.  I have wanted to do some volunteering for a while and this looks like the best way I can help.  So here’s to hoping…..


Fridge – Still broken


IT Band (for those of you who don’t know, it is a ligament that runs from your hip to your knee) is JACKED UP.  I’m talking, I walk like a pimp these days.  With a pronounced limp (I’m thinking about getting a pimp cane).  The odd thing is that when I’m running it is fine.  So the key here is to never stop running.  Or just take 14 Advil a day. 


Day 8 of not eating chicken or red meat.  I can now see a very noticable difference in my stomach.  I have lost a lot of weight.  Nevermind a crash diet, just cut out meat for a couple of weeks and you will immediately see results.  My guess is that it isn’t just the calories, but the lack of the antibiotics and hormones that are pumped into the animals that has had the healthiest effect on my body.  


Got in some good writing last night.  I was in a shitty mood and it helped to make me feel better.  I suppose being productive will do that.


Stupid lithium mining companies.  So much for that investment.  Does anyone want to invite me to their home for a warm meal? 


I am getting sick of athletes who are overpaid and don’t care about the game they play.  It would be interesting to see the difference between fans from different eras and their take on how their connection to athletes has changed.

Professional sports stars seem to be more celebrity and less athlete these days…..


Speaking of which, I am the worst fantasy baseball owner ever.  Seriously, these guys suck.  It is more like nightmare baseball.  

I’m meeting up with a bunch of guys from my fantasy baseball league on Sunday to have some beers.  It will be like sitting at the nerd table at lunch in high school.  

Come to think of it…..every single person there will be a friend…….from high school……who I used to eat lunch with.