“A Solitary Man”

by agoodnow

I went to see “A Solitary Man” tonight.  Alone.  Which is sort of ironic. 

It was a picture of self destructive behavior.  Someone who wanted to keep fucking up his life.  A guy who had it all and managed to throw it away.   Seemingly on purpose. 

Greed.  Entitlement.  A loss of purpose and will power. 

The movie was good, but not great.  It did, however, make me think.  It made me think about how I have kept bad patterns of behavior even though I could see them clearly.  It made me realize how easy it is to go down the wrong path one day and not come back.  It is amazing to see how quickly we can stray from the things we believe in, the things that make the most sense. 

Kids, we aren’t going to be here forever.  There is nothing wrong with taking some liberties.  Indulging.  But let’s not go so far as to punish ourselves.  And if you see someone heading down that path.  Help them.

“May the best of your today’s be the worst of your tomorrow’s”