Domestic Andrew

by agoodnow

The thing that sucks about traveling for work is that when I get home I am usually exhausted.  All I want to do is sit on the couch and relax.  And there is nothing wrong with that except that I have no real ambition to unpack.  So here I am on Wednesday evening looking at a large pile of clothes on the floor. 

Polo shirts


Button down shirts – I should at the very least get the cuff links out of them.

A few ties

Boxers – 78% of all I own are in this pile.


Work out clothes


All sitting in this pile.  I look at it.  It looks at me.  One of us will have to budge eventually and I’m pretty sure it is not going to be me.   I already caved in and washed my dishes.  I don’t think I can take two domestic tasks in the same evening.

I haven’t made my bed in a few days either.  Oh, and in an executive move, I decided to throw away some of my older sheets and pillows.  It was just their time.  Let me tell you, those linens had a rough life…..they also could have held the cure for some sort of disease. 

My bathroom sink has now been clogged for a few weeks.  I suppose it is time to hit it with some Drain-O.  Or I can keep playing the “Hey, at least I’m conserving water” game.  

And my fridge is still broken.  Yeah.  Wonderful.  At this point I have gotten used to it and am hoping my utility bill goes down.  You know, because I’m such an optimist.