Indy recap

by agoodnow

Notes from my trip in Indianapolis:

Spent the first 3 days there on business and then the weekend with my family at the Indy 500.

1. You would be amazed at how many hot chicks go to see a car race.  And I’m not talking trashy, Nascar hot.  I’m talking super model, hedge fund secretary hot.

2. I had a couple of the best client meetings of my career.  (They like me!!!  They really like me!!!!)

3. Went to visit Champaign, IL.  Toured the University of Illinois campus while I was there.  Very clean. 

4. I broke my vegetarian streak on Saturday night at Ruth Chris.  I had a filet.  It was excellent. I actually savored the taste.  (I have not had any meat since.)

5. The start of the Indy 500 is one of the coolest moments in sports.   It is incredible.   The crowd of 400,000 people, the noise, the speed.

6. My flight home from Indy was terrible.   I was on a prop plane with a group of hipsters.  Can you say, “This is Andrew’s own personal hell?”   Because I could.  A bunch of real weirdos. They even had a Polaroid camera.  They don’t even make the film for that anymore!!!!  Fuckin hipsters…..

7. My Dad needs to quit smoking.  Like yesterday.

8. I have realized that the best business meeting is the one where you discuss as little business as possible.  The more interested I am in their company and them as a person the better the meeting.

9. I could live in Indianapolis.  (for a year and then I would be very bored)

10. People in the Midwest are in terrible health.  A whole lot of obese people. 

11. Every year my Dad, Grandfather, and I drink a couple of 18 year old glasses of scotch.  I have no idea why we need to order something so expensive.  $35 for 2 ounces.    I would be perfectly happy with the 10 year old stuff……

12. I didn’t even see the end of the race.  I had to leave early to catch my flight.  (eh, I’m ok with that.  I’m not exactly a huge racing fan)

13. Always good to spend time with the family.