Nobody is Perfect

As a baseball fan it was difficult to watch an umpire blow a call that would have resulted in a perfect game.  In the history of recorded baseball there have only been 20 perfect games in over 100 years.  

So here is my question.  Is it a perfect game?  He accomplished it by just about every definition.  He literally touched greatness.   The worst part is that everyone knows that he did, but it will never “officially” be recognized as a perfect game.

This got me to thinking……….

How many times in our lives are we ripped off of something special?  Be it through our own stupidity or a lost chance.

I wish I’d moved there.

I wish I had gone on spring break.

I wish I had traveled abroad.

I wish I had asked that girl out / Conversely, “Why in the hell did I break up with HER?”

Why on earth did I pass up that job?

Why didn’t I say goodbye?

Why did I hold such a grudge?  Why didn’t I forgive?

Why didn’t I ever try…………….?

That pitcher got up on the mound last night and threw a perfect game.  He gave it everything he had and he did it.  The official title was taken away by a bad call, but he achieved something only 20 other people have ever done.  He will never wonder if he had the potential to do so.

I hope that when my time comes I can look back and see something of that magnitude.  Maybe it wasn’t “perfect”, but I did what I wanted to do.  I did not leave anything on the table. 

Who really cares about titles anyways?