Love me some Summer

by agoodnow

I can not express in a clear and concise  manner just how much I love summer.   But I’ll try.

Summer Pros:

1. I can wear cargo shorts 93% of the time I’m not at work.

2. Baseball.  And going to baseball games at places NOT called Yankee Stadium.

3. Going to Maine.

4. Blueberries are in season and as we all know blueberries are the best fruit in the world.

5. Women tend to wear far less clothing which is always a plus

6. Rooftop bars

7. 4th of July.  Who doesn’t like drinking and playing with explosives?

8. Mad Men season 4 starts in July. 

9. Golf.  Because I am a Yuppie.

10. The Hamptons…….because I have a friend with well off parents.

11. Wrigleyville………the most fantastic place in the world in the summer months.  I hope to get there a couple of times this summer.   Love managing the Central Region for work.

12. BBQ ing.  Although that loses some of its allure now that I have stopped eating ground animals. 

13. Sam Summer Ale

14. Everyone looks better when they are tan. 

15. Summer Fridays!!!! (oh wait, my company does not offer those)

Things that suck about summer

1. My apartment gets to be about 143 degrees.   I have woken up 4 pounds lighter due to the amount that I have sweat in the night.  (Yes, I agree……….that is gross)

2. My electric bill rivals the GDP of some small African nations.

3. Running outside might actually kill me one of these hot Saturday afternoons

4. I tend to drink a lot more because everyone wants to go out.  And in this city “going out” means drinking.

5. The city smells bad in the summer.

6. I feel bad for those poor shaggy dogs.