Sausage, Mr. Rodgers, Happy B-Day

I have client meetings in Milwaukee next week.   They should go pretty well.  I’m actually quite excited to see the city as I have never been there before. 

I have only eaten meat (red meat or chicken) once in the last 3 weeks.  I’m feeling strangely good about that.  What does not eating meat have to do with going to Milwaukee, you may ask?  One of my client’s is a huge sausage company.  I am taking the CFO out for lunch and I will be damned if I don’t order one of his products. 

Scene from lunch………….

Andrew:  Yes, I’ll have the Tofu burger, hold the cheese, and a side salad with fat free dressing. 

Client:  (Blank stare)

Andrew: Oh, I don’t eat meat

Client:  (Blank stare)

Andrew: So what do you think about reallocating some of your money into an intermediate duration bond fund.

Client: (Blank stare)

Andrew: You ok?

Client: You……..don’t………….eat……………meat?

I could see that playing out.  So therefore this is what the conversation will look like:

Andrew:  Yes, I’ll have the footlong sausage dog with extra kraut and some susage chili.  Can I also have a side of sausage stuffing with some gravy.  

Client: Son, I like doing business with you….

Not gonna lie, I’m excited.


Best quote I have heard about me in a while, “You are like a grumpy Mr. Rodgers”


Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!  I hope your day is filled with love, joy, and a 3 year old who does not throw a temper tantrum.


It was 60 degrees out last night.  Perfect sleeping temperature.


Starting to get worried about running this next half marathon.  My IT band is in some rough shape.  I have had to keep my runs shorter than I would like to keep from injuring myself. 

Three Advil before the race and I should be good to go.