My life has become ‘Office Space’

by agoodnow

I did not go to work today.  I literally could not do it.  I could not take walking into that office one more time this week.  The thought of it makes my cringe and makes my stomach turn.  As I am writing this I want to call my boss and say, “Done.  That’s it.  I can not do this any longer”  But, alas, I can not.  For some reason I need that whole “paycheck” thing.   Work has become a paycheck.  I do not see it as a career.  I do not see it as anything that adds value to my life other than providing me with money.

The best part of my job has always been the travel.  Now they are giving us a tough time on travel expenses.  I am stressing out over the cost of business travel.  I can not take it.  I have enough stress in my life without worrying about saving a multi billion dollar corporation $25 in airfare.  Or for that matter, worrying about my boss giving me a hard time about how much a trip costs. 

Now, my office is moving for 6 months.  We will be in a temporary space starting in late July.  They are “redesigning” our work space. (ie. making my cubical smaller so that they can stuff more people into a smaller space)  All designed to cut overhead costs and increase operating earnings to increase our stock price.  Fan fucking tastic!  I will now have a desk the size of the one I have in 4th grade.  I’m not kidding.  It is that small. 

I have got to get out of such a large company.  Everything is dictated by stock price.  Everything is dictated by large movements of money.  The idea of “People Count”  is bullshit.  I am as expendable as the Roladex I threw away yesterday. 

If I had it to do over again, I would not be where I am now. 

My life has become “Office Space”  How in the fuck did I let that happen?