Andrew goes to DC

I woke up on Sunday morning, after staying out until 3 am on Saturday night, and said to myself, “Andrew, you need to get your shit together.” 

So I got out of bed.  Shook my head a little bit and realized that I had to go into work.  “Fuck” 

I got my gym bag together and decided that I would run at the gym due to the PR Day Parade going on in the Park.  Walked to my office and took in the police activity, the scantily clad young ladies who had no regard for their physical appearance (ie, their weight), and the number of PR flags flying. 

I got to my office which apparently does not use the AC on weekends because it was about 86 degrees inside.  Got most of my work done and headed down to the gym.  The World Cup was on (Australia vs. Germany) so I thought it would be a good match to watch and certainly long enough for the ten miles I wanted to run. 

I ended up running 12.1 miles in 1:40.   Not bad.  It made me feel better about the half marathon I am running on the 27th.  I was also happy that I got my ass in gear and kept at it.  It was important that I get that run in.  ( I tried not to end that sentence in a preposition)   Lately skipping runs due to over consumption of beer has been a little too common. 

I got home and prepared for my meeting Monday morning in DC.    Of course, because I ran 12 miles my body temperature was above average (ie, I was sweating like I was in a sauna) and I did not get to sleep until 1:30 am.  Woke up at 4:10 am and was a zombie for the first hour I was awake.   A few notes from my trip to DC:

1. I nodded off on the train.   When I woke up at one point I felt someone (thing) staring at me.  When I opened my eyes there was a Yellow Lab staring at me.  Surprised I looked up to see the happiest bomb sniffing dog in the world wagging his tail and on the verge of licking my face.   The Yellow Lab (who I have named Harvey) had a very large FBI/bomb task force guy walking him.  Harvey’s “walker”  looked at me for a moment, saw that I was about to start playing with the dog and told the dog to keep moving.  I feel safer knowing good dogs like Harvey are out there keeping us safe.

2. Ever go on a client meeting with a portfolio analyst and an actuary?  No?  Oh, well it is a thrill a minute.   At one point I thought everyone in the room was about to fall asleep.  Up to and including myself. 

3. Despite the lack of electricity in the air, the meeting went well.  Client is “relatively” happy and that’s is all I can really ask for when they owe us $2m that they can’t pay.

4. One person in the meeting made a comment about another’s weight.  I almost lost it.   It was such an inappropriate comment that even I was shocked.  

And I quote, “I have a bunch of heavier friends like you.   They really need to do something about the size of those seats on airplanes”

5. I love DC.  It is a beautiful place that I have a bad taste in my mouth for due to a past relationship.  I realized just how stupid that is.  I need to get over that.  What a great place.   I should go back for a weekend.

I got home and was going to take a cab, but then I realized that it would take just as long if not longer than taking the subway.  I was home by 7:15 and realized that I crossed through 7 states in a day. 

Watched some “Forensic Files”  That show is amazing.  Best new show I have seen in a while.  I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly. 

My head hit the pillows hard.  It felt good.  Excellence.   Sleep.