It's All Goodnow……

Cleaning and 10%

Ever need a day to get your life together?  Today was that day for me. 

Some highlights from the day:

1. I cleaned my bathroom.  I then looked at my bathroom and said to myself, “That’s clean?!?!?”

2. Did my dishes.   For some reason I feel better about everything if the dishes are done.  Don’t ask why because I haven’t a clue.

3. Picked up dry cleaning.  The guy at the dry cleaners says to me, “Andrew, bro.  I thought you forgot about this stuff man!” 

4. Changed my sheets.  (I have been much better about that recently.  New sheets are much better to sleep in.)

5. Wrote a blog for the first time in 5 days.

6. Bought Advil.  (One week out from the Fairfield Half Marathon and things are starting to ache/hurt)

7. Went to the gym.  My new thing is doing pull-ups.  Seeing how I’ve lost a bunch of weight since I stopped eating “land animals” they have become much easier to do.

8. Watched soccer.  I never in my life thought I would give a fuck about soccer, but the World Cup is great.  I’m completely hooked.  True, some of it is boring, but it sure can be exciting too.

9. Watched some U.S. Open.  I like Phil.  Not because he is a big goofy guy or because he is a big goofy guy with a hot wife.  Rather, because if he wins the US Open one of my friends stands to benefit in a huge way financially (and not through betting, but through a licensed “Phil” product)    And Phil is really nice to the crowds in the tournaments he plays.

10. Took out my recycling.

I felt better after getting these things done.  Good day to get organized. 


Random thoughts:

My best friend and his fiance are at some pre-marriage, church retreat for the entire weekend.  I can see the lesson plan now…………

1. Give 10%

2. How to give 10%

3. Direct pay 10%

4. 10% of your salary and the Catholic church

5. 10%, Don’t ask no questions

6. If you make a dollar we want 10 cents

7. That is a nice watch, we want 10%

8. Legal bills are mounting – you can help by giving 10% of your salary to the church

9. Do you know what it takes to get into heaven?  You got it…..10%.

10.  WWJD = 10%

Reason 879 not to get married.


I wish I could play one round of golf like the pros.


I would like to play A round of golf this summer.


Thinking about how fast I’d like to run the half marathon.  Not sure if I’ll do as well as I did at the NYC half marathon, but I’m shooting to break my last time of 1:47.17.    I think I can make a run at it, but it will depend on how hot it gets.


Someone at work recently asked me if I lost, “A lot of weight recently?”   The answer…..I sure have.


I was in Milwaukee for the last couple of days.    It was surprising.  When I think of Milwaukee i think:

1. Beer

2. Sausage

3. Cheese

4. The Brewers

5. Cold

I was shocked that though those things are all staples of Milwaukee living there was far more that it had to offer.  Firstly, it is a beautiful city.  It is right on Lake Michigan and has beautiful lake front parks and beaches. (I know this because I was early for a client meeting and there was one of these parks about a half mile away from their office.  I sat in this amazing park/marina for about a half hour looking out over the lake)  The downtown area is quite aesthetically pleasing as well.  Lots of late 19th century architecture sprinkled in with the obligatory skyscrapers.

Highlights from Milwaukee:

1. The people there are very pleasant.  Just courteous, helpful people. 

2. Milwaukeeians ( I just made that up) are NOT as heavy (I’m trying to stop calling people fat) as I thought.  As a matter of fact, I was impressed with the number of fit and athletic people there were in the town.  Lots of runners. Bikers. People out on the water.  It was a far cry from what I had anticipated.

3. The weather was probably as good as it gets.  Anywhere.  Now mind you, I strategically placed my client meetings in Milwaukee in June for a reason.  The winters there are nothing short of arctic.  However, I will say that they certainly take advantage of their summer (short as it may be)

4. I did not eat any sausage or drink any beer.

5. I really wanted to drink beer

6. I ate at Ryan Braun’s Riverfront restaurant (Ryan Braun plays for the Milwaukee Brewers).  It was amazing.  Sat right on the river and watched boats go past.  The food was delicious.  I’m not sure who hired the waitresses, but whomever it was did a fantastic job.  The meal came with a ton of vegetables (a big plus for me these days).   I even got to see a draw bridge open up. 

7. Just about everyone I spoke to said that they loved the city, but needed to get out.  I could imagine that with every passing winter there is more and more a need to move.  Anywhere else.  As much for a change of pace as anything else.

8. Both of my client meetings went phenomenally well.  Very intelligent people who care greatly about their employees.   (admittedly, I had no idea what to expect from either client.  The only contact I have with them is via phone and their thick Wisconsin accents do sounds quite provincial)

9. The flights to and from Milwaukee were pretty bumpy.  I am a wimp when it comes to the airplane bouncing around.  I get scared.  Little girl scared.  I pee a little scared.  I pray to a God I’m not sure exists scared. 

10. One of the flight attendants on my return flight was “flight attendant from 1962” hot.

I enjoy traveling for work.  It is comfortable for me. I like the lack of supervision.  I like the freedom.  I like my clients.  I like not being tied down to a desk.